Team Sonic Racing free for PlayStation Plus members in March

Justin Melillo
Team Sonic Racing free for PlayStation Plus members in March

The list of games available to PlayStation Plus members for free next month was announced on Wednesday. Racing fans might be happy to see that the racing game genre was included this time around with the addition of Team Sonic Racing on March’s list.

The other games included will be Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4), Ghostrunner (PS5) and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4 OR PS5).

Team Sonic Racing is an arcade-style racing game that features the characters of the Sonic The Hedgehog universe. It is a team-based racer that includes power-up and speed boost sharing among teammates in order to win events.

While some of the characters, like the titular character Sonic, are already speedy in their own right, all of the characters are competing in cars that can be upgraded. There are three distinct character types and one to four players can play, including over online multiplayer.

This game is not particularly new, however, having released back in 2019. The Sonic racing game’s particular release is the PlayStation 4 edition as there is no PS5 one. However, it can be played just fine on either console as most of these games are. Well, except Ghostrunner on this month’s list as it is deemed to only be available via PS5.

We always check to see if there are any racing games on this monthly list, the most recent being DIRT 5 back in January of this year. SEGA’s Mario Kart look-alike might be worth a download just to see how it stacks up. I know I’ll be messaging my PlayStation buddies later to make sure we have it downloaded in time for our first game night in March.

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