DIRT 5 free for PlayStation Plus members this January

DIRT 5 Tricks N Treats Playgrounds

It was announced Wednesday that DIRT 5 will be one of the free games available for PlayStation Plus members next month. If you own a PS5, you’ll be able to download the fully-fledged PS5 version of the game. Also, the PS4 version is available for PS4 players if you’re still rocking a PlayStation 4. Alongside Persona 5 Strikers and Deep Rock Galactic, DIRT 5 will be available to own starting 4th January, 2022.

Every month, PlayStation Plus members are treated to a handful of free games just for having a membership. Most of the games aren’t the greatest, but there have been a handful of good ones. Remember when Rocket League was a PlayStation Plus free game? This year, both Destruction AllStars and Wreckfest were part of the program, so the racing genre doesn’t go unnoticed.

Shame to say, but right now most of my free time is spent playing one of their recent free games that isn’t a racing game, that being PGA Tour 2K21. Honestly, for a service that is pretty much necessary for online play, it’s great to have a bonus like that. DIRT 5 is one of the latest to join that list, and to say we’re excited here at Traxion would be an understatement.

Since its launch in November 2020, it has been treated to several quality of life and free content updates, plus one year of premium vehicles and events.

DIRT 5 Anton Marklund 2020 WorldRX

In our review, we said: “A drive up the South African mountains is rewarded with a rich view and a sense of achievement; the quarries of Italy give off such a feeling of vastness and depth that many games struggle to replicate. The northern lights found at the Norwegian events sum it beautifully. The aurora borealis lights up the sky and has a magical feeling to it. The sound is equally awe-inspiring.”

This Codemasters title is definitely joining my library in January, no doubt. Are you like me and you’ve been waiting for a reason to get into the world of DIRT? Let us know if you’ll also be adding this game to your PlayStation library next week in the comments below!

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