A guide to the F1 22 game’s Podium Pass

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Now more expanded than ever thanks to F1 Life, here’s how to use the EA SPORTS F1 22 game’s Podium Pass system for unlocking and buying cosmetic items.
A guide to the F1 22 game's Podium Pass

EA SPORTS F1 22 follows a similar format to the past two official Formula 1 video games – there are paid in-game items, but they are all optional and purely cosmetic.

First introduced in F1 2020, the Podium Pass features mixes challenges, XP, levels and virtual currency to deliver a side-show progression system, unlocking new items. For F1 22, this has been expanded with lifestyle items, part of F1 Life, alongside the race-related items.

Here’s everything you need to know about Podium Pass and the new additions for the 2022 season’s game.

F1 22 Podium Pass

What is F1 22’s Podium Pass?

Podium Pass within F1 22 is a means of accessing or earning cosmetic items within the game for your My Team custom driver, or non-racing F1 Life avatar. This is split into two main tiers: Free and VIP.

Items are accrued either by completing challenges, levelling up XP or purchasing via an Item Shop.

How many Podium Pass levels are there?

Each of the two Podium Pass tiers has 30 levels to progress through. Levels are unlocked by earning a set amount of in-game XP that increases between each level.

There is also a bonus prestige level for each tier should you complete all 30 levels.

How do you unlock items in Podium Pass?

Each time you unlock a level, through playing the game, you can unlock items – but they do not appear on every level.

For example, in the first Podium Pass series within F1 22, the free tier features 14 items out of a possible 30. The VIP tier, however, does feature an additional item to unlock for each XP level progressed.

How do you earn XP for Podium Pass levels?

After each F1 22 race you partake in, you receive experience points (XP). These help you move up the tiers, starting at tier one.

You receive XP from most things you do in the game. Finishing a three-lap Grand Prix or winning a ranked online race, for example, and the rewards vary depending on how well you do.

In the My Team career mode, for example, you earn 100 XP per lap in any session, plus bonuses based on results.

The amount of XP you receive can be augmented by completing Podium Pass challenges too.

What are Podium Pass challenges?

Within the Podium Pass section of the game, you can tab to a ‘Challenges’ section. Complete the required goals and you will receive additional XP to help you reach higher Podium Pass levels, thus unlocking new cosmetic items.

These are broken down into three types: Standard daily challenges, VIP and Series.

F1 22 Podium Pass Challenges

Standard Podium Pass Challenges

The Standard challenge section refreshes every 24 hours and is available to all players. There will be up to four challenges here. For example, this could be completing a race in Australia for 250 XP.

F1 22 Podium Pass Challenges - Standard, daily

Series Podium Pass Challenges

The Series challenges have four sub-categories: Solo, Career, Multiplayer and Weekly Events.

Solo challenges include targets such as setting a certain lap time in Time Trial for 1000 XP, Career challenges could be achieving a one-two finish in My Team, Multiplayer could be completing three online races without incident for 1250 XP and Weekly Challenges pertain to competing in the online Weekly Events.

The Series challenges are only updated every eight weeks.

F1 22 Podium Pass Challenges - Standard, series

VIP Podium Pass Challenges

The VIP challenges are only accessibly to those who purchase the VIP Podium Pass tier.

It includes eight new challenges, for bonus XP, refreshed each week for eight weeks, meaning you have more chance of progressing through the levels.

They work in the same way as the Standard and Series challenges, apart from their paid-for nature, and are spread across all game modes. For example, perform five pitstops in My Team for 750 XP or drive 50 miles in Britain.

F1 22 Podium Pass VIP Challenges

How do you start a Podium Pass Challenge?

You cannot start a Podium Pass challenge. You can view the challenge conditions from within the Podium Pass menu, but you cannot select to start them. Instead, make a note of what the challenge is, then replicate the required conditions in Time Trial, Grand Prix, multiplayer and the career modes.

How long does a Podium Pass series last?

Podium Pass series typically last eight weeks. After the end of the eight-week period, there is a short gap between one series ending and the next beginning.

Once a series resets, a new range of items and challenges is introduced and you are automatically set back to Level 1 with zero XP.

How do I access Podium Pass in F1 22?

To access Podium Pass in F1 22, click in the left gamepad stick (L3 on PlayStation, for example) which brings up the Player Hub. Alternatively, tab right through the main menu until it reaches Player Hub. From here, there is a Podium Pass option.

Once selected, the main Podium Pass hub will be displayed, where you can check your current level, see what items could be unlocked, visit the Item Shop, purchase Pitcoin or view challenges.

What kind of items are included in the Podium Pass?

Only cosmetic, non-performance enhancing, items can be earned through Podium Pass. Items include:

  • Car liveries
  • Victory radio calls
  • Racing suits
  • Helmet designs
  • Glove designs
  • Badge emblems
  • Livery decals
  • Driver poses
  • Personal car stickers
  • Podium emotes
  • Pitcoin currency
  • F1 Life seating
  • F1 Life furniture
  • F1 Life soft furnishings
  • F1 Life wall designs
  • F1 Life wall art
  • F1 Life lighting

The car livery designs and race driver attire – gloves, helmet, suit – can be used when the Player Car is driven, for example in Time Trial or online. Similarly, with the badge emblems, driver sposes and car stickers Items can be added in the Customisation menu.

In the previous game, F1 2021, some of the livery designs were inspired by popular F1 game content creators, such as Tiametmarduk, MaximeMXM and aarava. While non of these are confirmed so far for F1 22, it will be interesting to see if other famous faces make their way into the game.

Podium emotes

Podium emotes in F1 22 are visible in single-player and online races, where your customised character will perform a dance or a move within the podium cutscene – provided you finish in the top three in a race vent

Victory radio calls

Victory radio calls in F1 22 are audible celebrations which you can switch between. These only play if you win a race, in either single-player or online multiplayer modes. Interestingly, online, if you win, the rest of the competitors hear your victory radio call.

F1 Life items

New to Podium Pass for F1 22 is F1 Life, and some of the customisation items are unlockable through Podium Pass. These are to dress up and customise your living room, and/or apartment area. Alongside displaying a road-going supercar, you can alter the wallpaper, art, lighting items, soft furnishings, larger furniture and seating.

These form the backdrop for the main in-game main menu, but also a lobby area for online racing.

How much is the VIP Podium Pass?

The VIP Podium Pass in F1 22 costs 9,000 Pitcoin per series.

Once a series ends, your VIP access will too, so if you’d like to pick up VIP in Series 2, for example, that’s another 9,000 Pitcoin, please. However, if you’d complete all of the levels of a free and VIP Podium Pass series, you can earn addition Pitcoin to help you purchase the next VIP tier when it becomes available.

What is Pitcoin?

Pitcoin is a fictional virtual currency used with the F1 22 game. This is used to purchase the VIP tier of Podium Pass or customisation trinkets from the Item Shop or the Brand Shop.

How much does Pitcoin cost in F1 22?

Pitcoin is purchased in F1 22 using real-world local currency and is only available in the following bundles:

2,000 Pitcoin – £1.69/$1.99

5,000 Pitcoin – £3.69/$4.19

11,000 Pitcoin – £7.99/$8.99

24,000 Pitcoin – £16.99/$18.99

50,000 Pitcoin – £29.99/$34.99

How do you buy Pitcoin?

Pitcoin is purchased via the in-game Store. To access this, visit the Podium Pass area and then use your controller’s shoulder buttons to move right. Alternatively, visit the Brand Shop and then tab to the Store area there too.

What is the F1 22 Item Shop?

F1 22’s Item Shop is a place to purchase cosmetic items for your car, character or F1 Life area using Pitcoin. These items will not be unlockable through Podium Pass at the same time, so if you like what you see, you need to spend those Pitcoins.

It’s worth noting that this is separate from the new Brand Shop, more on that, below. The Item Shop can be accessed by tabbing through the Podium Pass section or direct from the Player Hub.

Daily Items

Daily items within the Item Shop are only available for 24 hours. Each day, these four items available change.

Weekly Items

Weekly items are only available within the Item Shop for seven days. Once that time is up, all four items available will change.

What is the F1 22 Brand Shop?

A new addition for F1 22, the Brand Shop is where you purchase non-racing clothing items and personal accessories for your F1 Life avatar.

Items are categorised by their brand name, and can only be purchased by spending Pitcoin.

There are 10 real-world apparel brands on offer in the Brand Shop:

  • Alpha Industries
  • Anti Social Social Club
  • EA Sports
  • Kicker
  • Patta
  • Period Correct
  • Puma
  • Sparco
  • Stance
  • beats

Once items have been purchased, they can be added to your personal avatar in the Customisation area under the Casual option. There are five main categories of casual wear:

  • Headwear
  • Eyewear
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Footwear

What are the scarcity types?

The customisation items for your driver, car or F1 Life area all have a scarcity rating, with legendary being the rarest and usually, most expensive. In other words, they will rarely appear with the Item Shop rotation.

There are five levels of scarcity in F1 22:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
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