About Us

Traxion advertising, affiliate and editorial policy

Traxion uses the revenue from advertisements as its main source of income. We place them on the website and have an advertisement team responsible for selling ad space.

Traxion also has affiliate partnerships where we may earn commissions for products or services purchased via affiliate links. These do not influence editorial content.

Advertisers of affiliate partners do not ask us to cover their products or services through editorial content.

Traxion does not accept money or any other form of payment to incentivise positive or negative opinions. All content is editorially removed from and is not influenced by advertising and affiliate revenue, nor marketing and PR firms representing video games, sims or esports.

Traxion’s video game reviews are of the opinion of the editorial team. We will clearly state if a game has been provided for review purposes.

Who owns Traxion.GG?

Traxion.GG is a limited company. It is a subsidiary of RAFA Racing Club as of May 2024. All Traxion content is editorially independent and created by a dedicated team.

Previously, it was part of Motorsport Games and the Motorsport Games family of brands. This is no longer the case since May 2024, when Traxion intellectual property was sold to Traxion.GG.

Traxion review scoring

Traxion uses the review scores of Avoid, Consider, Wishlist and Buy Now to provide readers with an overall idea of game quality. Each score represents the following:

Avoid – Lacking a reason to go back and play again. In need of some serious development attention.

Consider – Some interesting ideas but requires further polish.

Wishlist – An excellent game, with many great ideas, but perhaps doesn’t move the genre forward.

Buy Now – Not only is this a superlative experience, but it also delivers an advancement in design far ahead of the competition.