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F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5 includes MaximeMXM and Tiametmarduk content

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5 includes MaximeMXM and Tiametmarduk content

FIFA personality DjMaRiiO also joins the racing game content creators of MaximeMXM and Tiametmarduk in receiving F1 2021-themed cosmetic items.

The fifth series of F1 2021‘s Podium Pass is now live in the game, offering the option to unlock a mixture of free and VIP cosmetic customisation items.

This time around, across eight weeks of challenges and XP building, you can earn designs from racing game content creators MaximeMXM and Tiametmarduk, plus FIFA personality DjMaRiiO. This follows aarava, Terroriser and Pieface aka Pieface23 in Series 4 and Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell in Series 3.

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5

Each personality has a car ‘legendary’ car livery, helmet, pair of gloves and suit to unlock through the 30 tiers, with the purple and gold Tiametmarduk car livery at Tier 1 and Maxime’s red and white design unlocking at Tier 30. All are on the free, non-VIP, level.

To unlock these items, alongside a suite of additional items such as a Turbine badge emblem, you simply play the game, earn XP and level up. You can earn additional XP by completing the Podium Pass challenges.

F1 2021 Podium Pass, MaximeMXM car livery

There is an extra set of challenges and cosmetic items to unlock should you purchase the VIP pass for 9,000 Pitcoin, the in-game currency. This includes the ‘Si Ragazzi!’ victory radio call. If you don’t have any Pitcoin, there’s an 11,000 Pitcoin bundle for £7.39/$8.49. If all that sounds confusing, don’t worry, we have a guide for that.

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