Gran Turismo 7’s 1.11 update hands out stacks of credits

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The new 1.11 update for Gran Turismo 7 includes big Circuit Experience payouts, that are retroactive, plus more events and Missions.
Stockpiles of credits handed out in Gran Turismo 7 update 1.11 

Following a spate of post-release updates and a promise to change the in-game economy, today’s (7th April 2022) version 1.11 update for Gran Turismo 7 turns up the reward money for Circuit Experience events and delivers them retroactively. 

There are also 10 brand new one-hour race missions, also paying handsomely and rewards for later World Circuit events have been increased. 

This is a dramatic shift in the game’s money mechanics – on the one hand, appeasing those who found it a grind, and on the other, taking away some of the grind. This will surely spark plenty of debate, let us know in the comments below your thoughts. 

Update 1.11 weighs in at 917.2 MB on PlayStation 5 and 1.078 GB on PlayStation 4 and is available now. 

Here are the most important changes… 

How to earn Circuit Experience rewards in Gran Turismo 7

Hidden away within the World Circuits menu, each location in Gran Turismo 7 has at least one ‘Circuit Experience’ – or in the case of Tokyo Expressway, six. 

This breaks down the venue into segments with a time to beat, a gold-ranked time being the ultimate aim. Achieving gold for each sector rewards you with 3,000 credits while completing the final 1-Lap Attack nets another 15,000 credits. 

Now though, there’s an added bonus for completing all sectors and the one-lap challenge to a bronze standard and a further payout for all-gold.  

This varies per track, for example, the easy Blue Moon Bay Speedway now offers 40,000 credits for all-bronze and 200,000 for all-gold. The more technical Blue Moon Bay Infield A layout nets 160,000 credits for all-bronze and a whopping 800,000 credits for all-gold. 

Tokyo Expressway – Central Clockwise pays out 1,000,000. The Nürburgring Nordschleife a massive 5,000,000 million for all-gold. Phat stacks. 

If you complete all-gold, you also receive the all-bronze payout. 

The best thing is these rewards are retroactive. If you have already completed some Circuit Experience challenges. Simply visit the Circuit Experience for each complete track, select as if you are about to re-do one then hit ‘Exit’ and your rewards will appear. 

Circuit Experience rewards are retroactive. Dip in, the exit to receive them

New Missions

A new set of eight Missions has now been added, entitled ‘The Human Comedy’ with a Mont-Saint-Michel-featuring thumbnail. Inside, every event is a one-hour race across a variety of cars and tracks. 

Unlike other Missions, you do need to own a car that matches the specific event conditions. These longer races showcase the game’s changeable weather conditions plus the fuel and tyre management. Your strategy will be key. 

Collector Level 23 is required to enter these new challenges. 

They also pay out chunks of change, 500,000 credits base. A Clean Race Bonus will also increase this return. You also received the payout for silver and bronze too, so up to 1,200,000 million credits are obtainable.

More World Circuit Events and larger rewards

Three new World Circuits races have been added, adding further opportunities to compete and earn credits. Those aiming for first in all races now have more challenges to complete. 

The World Touring Car 700 is eight laps around the 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit in a 700 PP vehicle, with 550,000 credits for the winner. 

Meanwhile, the World Touring Car 600 is at Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise for 12 laps also in a 700 PP vehicle and also offering up to 550,000 credits pre-clean race bonus. 

Paying out slightly less is the World Touring Car 800 around the Sardegna Road Track A layout. 15 laps, 800 PP and up to 485,000 credits. 

Pre-update 1.11 payout

Some rewards for existing, longer, World Circuits events have also been ramped up. For example, the World Touring Car 800 event at Daytona now offers 154,000 credits for first place, up from 70,000 pre-update.

Pos-update 1.11 payout

Used Car and Legend Car dealerships line-ups expanded 

The number of vehicles on sale within the exclusive Legends Car pavilion has now doubled, up from five to 10. 

Today’s line-up includes the 20,000,000 credit Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta ‘38 alongside the vastly more affordable Ferrari 365 GTB4 ‘71 for a relative bargain 555,000 credits. Fans of the McLaren F1 GTR can now also purchase this rarefied beast. 

The Used Car lot is also bigger, with 30 cars on sale each day, as opposed to 15 previously – which is augmented with a few other vehicles if you’ve not completed all of the Café menu books. 

Credit cap increased 

Now that earning several million credits in short order is possible, the total number of credits you can keep has been raised from 20 million to 100 million – this certainly helps for those looking to collect all cars in Gran Turismo 7. 

Dirt jump physics revised 

You may have noticed, but you can’t take every jump on a dirt course flat out. In real-world rallying, this is also true, but it seems developers Polyphony Digital has toned down the rebound you would get after flying over a rise on Fisherman’s Ranch, for example. 

The final sector of Sardegna Windmills was always tricky, and while you still need to take caution during the jump, a throttle lift is no longer required. 

Wet AI-performance rectified 

If you’ve played the ‘High Speed Ring – 30 Minutes Mission’, you will notice that when the weather changes from dry to wet, your computer controller rivals will come out of pitlane in a trepidatious fashion. 

This is a superb mission that highlights Gran Turismo 7’s dynamic weather system and aquaplaning systems – but the immersion was robbed when the AI started performing rather strange. This has now, thankfully, been rectified. 

Car Collection navigation 

Have you, like me, got several unread notifications in the Car Collection, but can’t be bothered to scroll through the entire list to clear them? 

Well, good news, as now hitting the square button takes you to all the red dots to quickly clear off the notifications or read more about your new vehicles. 

A slew of additional changes

This is a large update, with several small items now amended, from audio options to steering wheel peripheral button allocations. A Trophy description has also been updated, the smoke effect in Race Photos now looks more detailed and the anti-lag system now has three levels of adjustability. 

We’ve included the full list below from the Gran Turismo website, so you can trawl through and see if there’s something that catches your eye. For now, we’re off to collect our Circuit Experience winnings… 

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.11 Changelog

1.World Circuits
– The amount of rewards for events in the latter half of the World Circuit has been increased.
– New race events have been added to the World Circuit. The new events are as follows:
 ・World Touring Car 600 Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise
 ・World Touring Car 700 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit
 ・World Touring Car 800 Sardegna Road Track A
– Adjusted the rewards for Arcade races and Custom Races

2.Circuit Experience
– Rewards are now provided when clearing all layouts of circuits in Gold or Bronze results. If you have already achieved these results, going into the sector selection screen and exiting with the Exit button will award the prize.

3.Lobby / Sports Mode
– The amount of rewards in Lobbies and Daily Races has been increased.
– Corrected an issue where spectating while entered in a race in the Lobby did not allow you to switch to the spectator camera.
– Changed the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Cup so that the Helmet thumbnail specific to the championship is displayed.
– When the room mode is set to ‘Practice/Endurance Race’, adjusted the finish timing when the course setting is set to ‘Time limit’.
– Changed the camera movements before races start in Daily Races when the starting method is set to Formation.

– Added ‘The Human Comedy’ to Missions, containing 1-hour endurance races. ‘The Human Comedy’ will become playable when the player’s Collector’s Level is 23. Each endurance race event will award up to 1.2 million Cr. per event.
– Race information such as the Starting Grid, number of laps or time limit, starting method, etc. are now displayed in the Race event Quick Menu of Missions.
– Best records for time limit events and Friend Ranking Records are now saved and displayed in the format of [Ranking/Number of Laps]
– Rankings have been reset for the following Time Limit events*
 ・Gone With the Wind – High Speed Ring 30 min.
 ・The Sun Also Rises – Le Mans 24 min.
 ・The Sun Also Rises – Bathurst Gr. 3 Battle

*Already existing best records will only display the ‘Ranking’. Once the same or better result record has been set, it will be saved in the format of ‘Ranking/Number of laps’. For Friend Rankings, if a Bronze or better result is set, it will be saved even if the result is lower than the best record.

5.Game Progression
– Raised the maximum cap for earned in-game credits to 100 million Cr.
– New ‘Invitations’ received hereafter will have a time limit of 30 days, instead of 14 days.

6.Used Cars / Legendary Cars
– The number of cars listed in the lineup at the same time is now increased.

– Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC) ’90: Corrected the position and shape of the roll cage installed in ‘GT Auto’.
– Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX (S.Shigeno Version): Corrected a part of the rear wheel design.

8.Livery Editor
– Corrected livery display issues for the following cars. If the car you are currently using is subject to this, it will be fixed when you go to [GT Auto] -> [Car Customization] -> [Save Style]
 ・Subaru WRX Gr.B Road Car
 ・Ferrari F430 ’06
 ・Ferrari F8 Tributo ’19

9. Car Physics Simulation
– Improved physics when landing from a jump, mainly on dirt tracks.
– Corrected an issue where the value of the vehicle speed displayed on the speedometer of other players in online races sometimes differed from the actual vehicle speed.
– Corrected an issue where after-fire would not stop during certain operations after tuning the muffler of a Toyota Prius G ’09 and Toyota Aqua S ’11.

10.Car Settings
– Changed the anti-lag system setting from ON/OFF to 3 settings, OFF/Weak/Strong.
– Corrected an issue where if you open the car settings after selecting a part in the Tuning Shop but cancelling without purchasing it, it would blank out the created setting sheet name and the settings would be reset.

– Corrected an issue where time penalties were not being issued properly when short distance short cuts were made or successive short cuts were made.
– Corrected an issue where a penalty would always be issued for cutting the white line at Goodwood.
– Adjusted the pit stop starting position for the Daytona International Speedway tri-oval.

12.Custom Races
– Changed so that Balance of Performance (BoP) setting can be turned on/off when the player’s cars are Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4, and Gr.B categories.

13.Rival Cars (AI)
– Corrected an issue where rival cars that changed to rain tires in wet condition races after a pit stop would have slow acceleration coming out of the pits.
– In online races, applied measures for some cars starting earlier or later during a rolling start due to network issues.

– Improved the image quality of smoke in Race Photos
– Corrected an issue where debris during crashes while in cockpit view would enter inside of the car.
– Corrected the graphics drawing of smoke when seen through car windows

– Until now, the control menu appeared using any button on the controller, but this has been changed so that it will now only appear when using the confirm and cancel buttons.

– Music will now be played back in Surround Sound when the audio output mode is set to ‘7.1 ch Surround’ output.
 ・On PlayStation®4, this playback will apply when the connected device is 5.1 ch or 7.1 ch compatible and the ‘Audio Output Mode’ in ‘Options’ is set to ‘7.1 Surround’.
 ・On PlayStation®5 this playback will apply when the connected device is 5.1 h or 7.1 ch compatible and the ‘HDMI Device Type’ on the console is set to ‘AV Amplifier’, and the ‘Number of Channels’ is set to ‘5.1 ch’ or ‘7.1 ch’.
– Added [Music Replay Volume Balance] and [Music Replay Master Volume] options to the Sound Volume and the replay options for the Music Replay Playback.
– The Music Replay Options can now be closed with the cancel button.

– Changed so that [Display Demonstration Ghost] setting inside [Ghost Settings] is displayed only in Licenses and the Circuit Experience.
– Added a [Temporary Exposure Setting] to the Quick Menu settings. The [Temporary Exposure Settings] allows you to temporarily adjust the brightness of the screen in races. Exiting the quick menu will return the game to the original exposure setting.

18.Car Collection
– Added 3 new features for moving the cursor.
 ・The △ button will now move the cursor to your current car.
 ・The L2 button or R2 will move the cursor to the next car already acquired.
 ・The □ button will move the cursor to cars with ‘NEW’ labels.

19.GT Auto
– Unified the brightness of replacement light bulbs under [GT Auto] > [Customize Cars] > [Other Parts] > [Lightbulb]

– Corrected the text for the trophy ‘Wheely Good Fun’ to ‘Bought 10 sets of wheels at GT AUTO’

21.Title Screen
– Divided the thumbnail image and title text of news so that they are displayed separately.

22.Steering Controllers
– Allocated features to extra buttons that become available when attaching replacement wheels such as the Fanatec Club Sport Steering Wheel Formula V2 on the Fanatec GT DD Pro*.
 ・Assigned the upper right / left paddles on the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module to turn signals
 ・Assigned the left/right toggle switch to MFD toggle and change features
 ・Assigned the analog stick to head turning
* Extra button assignment is only available when the compatible steering wheel is attached.
– When attaching a replacement steering wheel such as the Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 on the Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podium, changed the ‘MFD Change’ function assigned to both left and right toggle switches so that the left toggle switch is assigned to the ‘Switch MFD’ feature.
– Various other issues have been addressed.

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