RiMS Racing now available via Epic as 1.5 PC update adds new features

Thomas Harrison-Lord
RiMS Racing available via Epic as 1.5 PC update adds voice chat and Trading Cards

The all-new motorcycle simulator with a twist, RiMS Racing, has been updated to version 1.5 on PC for Steam players and it includes several tweaks.

This continues a long line of post-release support for the title by the RaceWard Studio, and this time clarified which controllers, or gamepads, work with the game on PC and removes some prior issues.

Steam Trading Cards are now also supported and online voice chat is now functional – something that was absent until this patch. There’s also a host of fixes for smaller items, and the full changelog is below.

If Steam isn’t your preferred PC gaming store, then RiMS Racing is now also available via the Epic Games Store too. All paid downloadable content and versions up to this point are readily available over there too.

That’s it for this particular round-up of RiMS Racing news, we’ll keep you updated if there are further updates or changes to the console versions.

Latest RiMS Racing update adds test mode, improved audio and revised AI

RiMS Racing version 1.5 update changelog, PC


We have fixed a general issue impacting some controllers, here’s a list of the controllers that are confirmed to work:

  • Switch Pro Controller
  • Nacon GC100
  • Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller
  • Nacon Pro Compact NC7271
  • Nacon BB4469
  • Xbox Nacon Pro Compact
  • PS4 Nacon Wired Compact Controller
  • Official Xbox Series controller (Bluetooth+cable)
  • Official Xbox One controller (Bluetooth+cable)
  • Official Xbox 360 controller
  • Official PS5 controller (Bluetooth+cable)
  • Official PS4 controller (Bluetooth+cable)
  • Razer Wolverine v2 (XOne compatible)
  • 8bitdo m30 (X360 compatible)
  • Logitech F710 (2.4 Ghz wireless)

Note: If after the patch you are still experiencing problems, specifically using the NaconGC100 or the Logitech F710 pad, please use the “Enable Steam Input” option available on RiMS Racing > right click > Properties > Controller tab or setting the switch on the pad to “X”.

It could also happen that some of you might experience issues with the official Xbox Series X controller using Bluetooth due to how the peripheral is connected to Win10 and other factors. In this case, please disconnect all other peripherals and Enable Steam Input as explained above.

If you still experience issues with your controller, please provide a video or a detailed explanation and the DxDiag file in order for our development team to investigate it.

Please consider that with this patch the official Xbox controllers impulse trigger vibration (only the one concerning the triggers) will be turned off as a consequence.

Single Race

  • We fixed a rare crash on the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca when the introduction is skipped.

Steam Trading Cards

  • Steam Trading Cards have been added to RiMS Racing.


  • Fixed an issue in which the ECU’s blinking was absent when the Camera Modes were set to First Person or Helmet.

Online Custom Event

  • Fixed an issue, in which the Penalties were not updated unless the Spectator was previewing the Rider doing the fault.
  • The voice chat feature is now functional.
  • Fixed a crash during the loading screen.

Screen Resolutions

  • The GUI was overflowing to secondary monitors in 48:9 resolutions.
  • While minimized in fullscreen, the mouse cursor is now confined to the primary display.
  • Cursor-Clipping now includes the taskbar.
  • The mouse cursor no longer remains confined to the application’s window.
  • The application is now preventing sticky keys from being activated.
  • Ultra-wide resolutions now scale properly during Loading Screens.
  • The “Exit The Event” background now stretch to cover resolutions wider than 16:9.
  • In Offline Duels, the application’s viewport now scale horizontally to resolutions wider than 16:9.
  • Most Windows shortcuts can now used while the application was running.
  • The loading UI can no longer go out of the safe area.
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