Possible Fanatec suitor Corsair previews its first sim rig

Thomas Harrison-Lord
US PC equipment giant Corsair has dipped a toe in the sim racing waters with a prototype cockpit.
Possible Fanatec suitor Corsair previews its first sim rig

Corsair is set to make its sim racing debut, showcasing a prototype cockpit as part of its Computex 2024 announcements.

The Taiwanese event has been home to several unveilings, such as Intel-powered AI PCs, NVIDIA GPUs and a Mercedes-AMG Motorsport-inspired laptop by MSI.

Corsair sim racing cockpit seat

A new 34-inch curved gaming monitor, i500 PC, two new computer cases and RGB fans were announced by Corsair – all par for the course.

But disclosing its possible entry into the sim racing market eschews tradition for the event.

The currently unnamed unit will use a steel frame designed for “high torque wheel bases and heavy-duty pedals,” according to the Fremont-headquartered manufacturer.

It aims to offer tool-free seat, wheel and pedal positioning, with the intent to make the switch between formula and GT-style racing a cinch.

When the product is ready for purchase, it will include a monitor mount that supports ultrawide screens out of the box. Cable management nooks are native to the layout. A suite of accessories is expected.

A matching Corsair-branded seat was also on display. Further details are expected “later this year”, including pricing and on-sale dates.

Fanatec buyout

Corsair is currently embroiled in pivotal takeover talks for Fanatec’s parent company Endor AG – with the German Act of Stabilisation and Restructuring of Companies (StaRUG) potentially being leveraged. Founder and former CEO Thomas Jackermeier has been ousted from his post and has issued statements via third-party communication agencies discrediting the current board.

Corsair sim racing cockpit Fanatec

The great irony of Corsair forging its own sim racing equipment path is that should the purchase be successful, it may not necessarily need its own extensive line of products.

The wheel base used to demonstrate its sim rig prototype? Fanatec, of course…

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