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PC Forza Horizon 5 players should be able to see Treasure Chests again

PC Forza Horizon 5 players should be able to see Treasure Chests again

For the last two Forza Horizon 5 festival playlists, the Summer and Autumn in Series 9, a number of players have noticed that the Treasure Chests weren’t appearing after completing the Flying Customs and Dragstrip Demons Treasure Hunts.

As it turns out, us PC players may have had a glitch that prevented us from seeing the chests appearing as they should. We did notice some other news outlets were able to see the chests appearing, so we were perplexed as to why none of us here at Traxion.GG could see it when we tried to complete it.

Now it all makes sense, as there was a hotfix for PC players released on Tuesday (5th July 2022) that should fix that problem going forward. Furthermore, the Summer Flying Customs Treasure Hunt will be retroactively completed for all Forza Horizon 5 players in a future update with accompanying rewards awarded.

I personally gave the Flying Customs challenge a try last week as the folks in the office were having trouble with getting a Horizon Arcade Air to spawn two weeks ago. Yeah, it was pretty comical watching a bunch of people driving around and looking for the chest around the oasis in the Dunas Blancas area.

In the current festival, Oasley once again was unsuccessful in finding a visible chest, so I didn’t even bother with it. Thankfully though, when I logged in a few moments ago, I was able to complete the challenge and find the Treasure Chest without any issues.

While this is hopefully fixed for all players, definitely be advised that there are ongoing issues in general with the Treasure Hunts and Chests, and the Forza Support Team is looking into it.

The very-brief hotfix notes are posted below. If you’d like to know how to complete this week’s Treasure Hunt, be sure to check out Oasley’s in-depth guide which also covers the rest of the festival. Keep it pinned!

[PC only] General

  • Fixed an issue on PC platforms that prevented the Treasure Chest from spawning for some players after successfully completing a Treasure Hunt challenge. We’re aware there are further issues with Treasure Chests which we’re continuing to investigate.

Note: In a future Forza Horizon 5 update, the Series 9 Treasure Hunt Summer challenge will be retroactively completed for all players. This will also grant the associated rewards.

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