MOZA’s new products look to a more compatible future

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

Chinese manufacturer MOZA has revealed a line of new sim racing products boasting increased compatibility with its own and third-party products.

MOZA has today (6th December 2022) announced a spate of new sim racing peripherals, as well as updates to some of its existing models.

The China-based company has made a big impression on the market since its inception, adding high-quality and affordable products such as the R5 Simulator Bundle and RS V2 sim racing wheel.

All the new products and updates are listed below.

MOZA CS V2 Racing Wheel and GS V2 Racing Wheels

MOZA Racing launches new GS Steering Wheel and R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

MOZA has announced updates to both its CS V2 and GS V2 GT Steering Wheels, allowing compatibility with the Fanatec CSL DD-rivalling R5 wheelbase for the first time.

Impressively, MOZA took onboard feedback criticising the lack of R5 support for its CS and GS wheelrims back in October, leading to today’s developments.

ES Formula Wheel Mod

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

The ES Formula Wheel mod is a clever 4mm aluminium backplate designed for use with the company’s (normally) circular ES Steering Wheel.

The ES Steering Wheel is the entry-level wheelrim in MOZA’s range but with this modification it can be transformed into a de facto 280mm wide, rubber-gripped formula rim.

MOZA Universal Hub

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

MOZA’s Universal Hub connects its FSR Formula Wheel and SR-P Lite Pedals to PC, with compatibility planned for future MOZA products.

The big selling point, however, is that this will allow MOZA products to be used outside of the brand’s ecosystem, increasing compatibility with other firms’ products.

FSR Wheelbase Adapter

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

In a game-changer for MOZA, the Wheelbase Adapter allows MOZA’s proprietary quick-release (QR) system on its FSR wheelrim to connect to third-party wheelbases.

The adapter features 50mm and 70mm hole patterns, so any third-party wheelbases with those measurements will be suitable.

Note: the MOZA FSR formula wheel requires both the universal hub and wheelbase adapter to work with wheelbases outside the MOZA ecosystem.

R5 Adapter Plate

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

Although perhaps not the most exciting of MOZA’s new products the R5 Adapter Plate is no less useful. Designed to allow more mounting solutions for MOZA’s R5 wheelbase, the Adapter Plate has 40mm and 66mm mounting holes.

Made of 5mm thick steel, the R5 Adapter Plate will provide a sturdy mounting point on anyone’s sim rig.

Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel

MOZA's new products look to a more compatible future

In a final piece of good news, MOZA has announced that its R5 wheelbase and ES Steering Wheel will be available to purchase separately for the first time.

All products are available to purchase from MOZA directly now, with the ES Formula Wheel Mod available for pre-order.

Do you think MOZA’s range of new products and updates send the right message to the sim racing world? Let us know in the comments below.

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