Review: Moza’s RS V2 sim racing wheel highlights rapid progress

John Munro
Moza has replaced its RS Steering Wheel with a brand new V2 iteration – and it’s a significant step forward. Here’s everything you need to know.
Moza's RS V2 sim racing steering wheel highlights rapid progress

Moza is at it again, it has sent us another sim racing product to test and review, and this time, it’s Version 2 of their RS Steering Wheel.

Just to be clear, this is just the wheel itself, not a base. We have of course already reviewed its R5 and R9 products, and we used those to test the RS V2.

Moza Racing RS V2 sim racing steering wheel


The Moza Racing RS V2 is the successor to RS steering wheel, which was launched in 2021.

The original RS was its premium offering if you wanted something rounded or d-shaped rather than a formula or prototype-style wheel.

The V2 now features customisable RGB shift lights, two magnetic paddle shifters plus double clutch paddles underneath. 10 programmable buttons nine of which are colour adjustable, two pressable knobs with 20 sections. Oh, and two joystick or rocker elements that are also clickable.

Of course, there’s also the quick-release system to boot.

John Munro reviews Moza Racing RS V2 steering wheel

How much does the Moza RS V2 wheel cost? 

The price is $469 (US), €499 (Europe) and £449 (UK) excluding any import duties.

How is the build quality?

The materials used on the RS V2 wheel are brushed aluminium for the frame and rear shell, forged carbon fibre for the panel on the front and for the shifters.

The leather grip is, well genuine leather. There’s no animal-free or Alcantara option like there was with the V1.

It honestly feels lovely, the mechanical buttons have that gorgeous Moza click and the whole unit resonates ‘premium’, much like the GS we reviewed previously. Obviously, I haven’t had the chance to test it over a long period of time yet, but the fit and finish give me a lot of confidence.

Moza Racing RS V2 quick release

What’s in the box? 

Inside, as well as the wheel itself, you also get a small tool kit with a screwdriver, some screws, some aluminium approach blocks and some mute pads.

These are so that you can adjust the shifters to suit your preferences, making them quieter if you want, or changing the distance between them and your hands for optimal comfort.

There’s also a sticker pack, snazzy.

Is it big?


13 inches or 325 mm in diameter. Which is the same as the other wheels we have tested except for the ES from the R5 bundle. So you have to be comfortable with a large wheel.  

What is the RS V2 compatible with?

Moza says it works on all of its bases, which is a hugely important element. This is unlike V1 which worked with all bases aside from the entry-level R5.

So that’s great progress from Moza, taking advice on board and their ecosystem going forward, it seems like all-wheel rims will be compatible with all bases.  

Just a reminder though that currently, Moza products are PC only, so no console compatibility at this stage sadly. Maybe that’s the next step?

Moza Racing Steering Wheel ecosystem

What’s it like to actually use?

In action, I found the button positioning to be spot on, and this was the case if I was circuit racing, drifting or rallying

Sure, the rim size is on the large size of the spectrum. The grip feels quite chunky and thick, but it’s pleasingly tactile.

The leather’s stitching is smooth, with a lack of sharp edges. You will feel it however against the inside of your hand at times though, so it would be better to use gloves for extended driving periods. 

Another superlative addition is the dials, which are fantastic. Clear, easy to see and satisfying to alter. Thankfully, the same can be said of the shifters. There’s solid feedback at your fingertips, although the action is a bit loud. People in neighbouring rooms or a Discord chat are likely to hear your gearchanges, although this can be altered at least.

Personally, I think it makes for an expensive-feeling experience and a noticeable step up for Moza. While you do get used to it to a degree, it can feel a little too big at times for regular circuit events – so just bear that in mind.

Moza Racing RS V2 toggles and buttons

What other features are there?

You get lovely indentations on the back of the leather grip which we found to be comfortable and the yellow mark on top makes the centring clear.

The RGB rev strip can be modified within the complementary software. You can change the colours, seven to choose from, plus you can also modify the colour for nine of the 10 buttons. The V1 didn’t have colour-programmable buttons.

Moza Racing RS V2 steering wheel in use

In Summary

The RS V2 is another leap in quality from sim racing upstarts Moza Racing, and yet another statement of intent. The rapid pace of development is outstanding and its focus on the end result is unswerving. Bravo, here’s to the next launch…

Full disclosure: This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes. Here is our review policy.

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