Moza Racing’s GS V2 GT Wheel released, now compatible with R5 Wheel Base

Justin Melillo
Moza Racing has re-released some of their previous products, such as the GS V2 GT Steering Wheel, now compatible with the R5 Wheel Base.
Moza Racing's GS V2 GT Wheel released, now compatible with R5 Wheel Base

On the 6th of December, Moza Racing released a slew of products, some of which included a few V2 re-releases. The Moza Racing GS GT Steering Wheel is one of those products that’s been re-released as a V2 model, as is the rounder, more familiar feeling Moza Racing CS wheel.

With the V2 release of both products, now both are compatible with the Moza Racing R5 Wheel Base which was introduced earlier this year. The previous V1 models are basically the same, but they were not compatible with the R5 Wheel Base, something we were critical of in our review.

The V2 wheels work across everything in the Moza ecosystem now, including the R5 Wheel Base. We were able to get our hands on the Moza Racing GS V2 GT Steering Wheel and from what we can tell, they are basically the same product with the added benefit of compatibility.

In fact, we kind of figured that this would be coming at some point based on a response we got to our review back in October.

“We will carefully consider every suggestion you mention, especially regarding the adaptation of the R5 steering wheel,” read the statement given to us. “In the future, the Moza ecosystem will take this into account, so that the steering wheels and the base can be adapted to each other.”

Comparing both our V1 and V2 models of the Moza Racing GS Steering Wheel, there’s not much to say. From the Formula-style shape (although it is considered GT by Moza standards) to the Alcantara grips, the 300mm length from end-to-end and the dual clutch magnetic shifter paddles, the real difference comes in the connection type that makes it compatible with the R5 Wheel Base technology.

MOZA Racing R9 sim racing wheel base and GS wheel in use

When the V1 launched, it was $499 plus applicable taxes. This GS V2 GT model is available now on the website for $469, not including VAT.

In John and Rich’s review of the V1, the pair said, “these products are premium offerings. No expense has been spared here, no little cheap bits to knock a few cents off. They look amazing, they feel amazing, but they’re not absolutely perfect.”

Some of their concerns of the original V1 included that “the rim is wide and awkward (but not impossible) to get used to, the shifters are loud, that lack of a wider ecosystem might turn some away.” Thankfully with the V2, it looks to be now a part of a much wider ecosystem to this day that continues to grow.

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