More affordable universal hub released by Fanatec


Sim racing peripherals manufacturer Fanatec have announced the release of a brand new product, the CSL Universal Hub, aimed at bringing more customisation and options to the masses.

The CSL Universal Hub takes many of the features that are present in the ClubSport Hub and makes them a lot more affordable. It allows you to mount your own wheels to a Fanatec wheelbase whilst retaining buttons and shifters. The pricing is much more affordable at €149.95 vs €349.95 for the ClubSport equivalent. So what’s the big difference? Well, firstly, the new CSL Hub is made of predominantly plastic components. This isn’t necessarily bad news but if you like the feel and look of some of the higher-end Fanatec products then you may have to look elsewhere.

The CSL Hub features a pretty cool system for adjusting both the shifter paddles and button “islands”. They slide around, which is a pretty handy feature when you’re fitting your own custom wheel to your Fanatec base. The hub features eight standard push buttons but also includes a fancy 2-way rocker switch, 2 x toggle switches and a “7-way FunkySwitch™”.

The Fanatec CSL hub also features a LCD display

If you’re thinking about giving this a whirl, you’ll want to know what wheels will fit on – luckily, the CSL Hub features threaded holes for both 3 x 50mm and 6 x 70mm mounting patterns. That’s a standard size in motorsport so you should (in theory) be able to connect an after-market wheel from OMP, Sparco etc. with little worry. This is likely to be a joy for club racers who will be able to use the same wheel on their car and sim.

For mounting the hub to the wheel-base, there’s another slight difference. Here you’ll be using the Simplified Quick Release Adapter, with no requirement for a clamping bolt. Whilst it will work with podium wheels, you will need to replace the adapter with the ClubSport Quick Release Adapter to unlock High Torque Mode.

The great news is, it’s available from today. Simply head on down to the Fanatec store to order one. It’s certainly an impressive product on paper, especially at that price.

Is this a product you’re excited about? Perhaps you wanted the ClubSport Hub and now the lower price has convinced you to give it a go. As always, let us know in the comments and on social media.

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