Graphics glitches for rFactor 2 get resolved

Since the last build update, the developers behind Studio 397 have been releasing a number of hotfixes to the game in order to attempt to resolve a number of issues with the most recent builds.

These updates are small in size but they have been attempting to resolve on-going problems for users that have been seeing with graphics of cars in the simulation.

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As described by the Studio 397 team, this is a temporary hotfix. An update that will more permanently remove these issues is likely to be coming in the future.

There is some good news for dedicated server owners, there’s no requirement for you to update. Regular users should just load (or reload) the game and Steam will take care of the rest.

Although it’s good news for racers that this glitch has been patched, some will be asking how this issue was able to surface in a public build of the game.

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