Euro/American Truck Simulator 2’s vaccine event causes anti-vax confusion


A brand new vaccine delivery in-game event has made its way to both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and it’s American counterpart. The task is to make 7 (or more) deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine in either of the aforementioned games. In return, you’ll receive a “World of Trucks” achievement and the “Hope Trucker Insignia” to hang in your truck.

Credit: SCS Software

Despite this being a cool event, naturally it’s turned a bit political. That’s not been helped by some slightly odd phrasing on the press-release from SCS Software:

“We do not take a stand neither for or against vaccines, we just wanted to express our appreciation and support for every real truck driver out there who have been facing very challenging times since the pandemic situation began!”

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The blog page on the SCS website was also a pretty controversial place. Although most of these arguments are now being heavily moderated.

Scientific studies have proven the above to complete nonsense

SCS later confirmed to that their previous release was a “error that happened due to a language and translation barrier, here in our office.”

How do you actually participate though?

Luckily it’s pretty simple. Check your external contacts and it should be available for you. If it’s not there, it’s likely that you’ll need to check that you have the “Fragile Cargo Skill” of at least 1.

It’s particularly important that you get your cargo there completely undamaged or your load will not count towards your goal.

Credit: SCS Software

Have you taken part in the new vaccine delivery challenge? Let us know in the comments, forums and and on social media.

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