Low-poly arcade racer Formula Retro Racing coming to Switch

Low-poly arcade racer Formula Retro Racing coming to Switch 1

Repixel 8 and CGA Studio Games has announced that arcade racer Formula Retro Racing will come to the Nintendo Switch on 15th April.

British developer Repixel 8 has announced it will be bringing its homage to Virtua Racing, Formula Retro Racing, to the Nintendo Switch this month.

Originally made available on 14th May 2020 for Xbox One and PC, the game subsequently went on to receive a PlayStation release last November. And now, Andrew Jeffreys, the one-man development team behind Repixel 8, stated the title will be released in conjunction with publisher CGA Studio Games on the 15th April.

Inspired by Jeffreys’ passion for creating games for retro consoles like the Atari 2600, Formula Retro Racing blends classic checkpoint racing with the visual aesthetic of Sega’s arcade racing game Virtua Racing. Repixel 8 is also the studio behind Gravity Chase, a title we described as being a “solid budget indie racing game” back in January 2022.

The game features eight original tracks – including a low-poly version of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit – and up to four-player local split-screen play.

With short and sharp blasts of racing action, the game seems ideally suited to the portable nature of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console, and includes slipstreaming, damage and impressive crash physics.

Low-poly arcade racer Formula Retro Racing coming to Switch 1

Racing fans have a lot to look forward to on the Switch this year, with WRC10 released last month, and Redout 2 and Wreckfest also releasing this year. Not to mention the likes of Slipstream, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, F-Zero X and art of rally which are already available.

Formula Retro Racing will be available from the Nintendo eStore on 15th April 2022, priced at £11.99/$18.99.

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