Wreckfest arrives, upside down and on fire, for Nintendo Switch this June

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The wait for Bugbear Entertainment’s destruction-derby folk-race simulator, Wreckfest, is nearly over for Nintendo Switch owners.
Wreckfest arrives, upside down and on fire, for Nintendo Switch this June

Our favourite car-wrecking smash-a-thon, Wreckfest, will be available for the diminutive hybrid console on 21st June 2022.

After an initial reveal during a Nintendo Direct presentation in September of last year with a ‘Fall 2021’ target release date, things went awfully quiet.

However, now that a June release date has been confirmed, further details have emerged alongside a new trailer.

The game features a variety of hilarious vehicles, from combine harvesters to three-wheeled microcars and, quite literally, everything in-between. These can be driven across a lengthy single-player career or with friends online.

Visual fidelity

A ‘steady’ 30 frames per second is the target for offline races, which on the smaller screen of the less powerful device is the relative norm for racing games – Mario Kart 8 Deluxes‘ 60fps an exception rather than the rule. The key will be stability when a giant pileup is occurring.

Based purely on the slickly-produced trailer, the car detail seems to remain mostly intact and track-side furniture deformable such as tyre stacks. The vehicles look to crumple in a satisfying fashion, analogous to the existing PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia versions.

Wreckfest on the Nintendo Switch

Online and Tournament gameplay

16-players can indeed play over the network, which sounds impressive, considering other Switch versions of popular racing games, such as WRC 10 or MotoGP 22, omit the multiplayer aspects seen in their larger home console and PC siblings.

One mainstay of Wreckfest on other platforms is the Tournament mode, updated every month with new vehicles, tracks and challenges. Here you earn ‘Fame’ to help purchase new cars. This will be available on the Switch version but is coming initially via a post-release update, before then being updated on a regular basis.

Pricing and additional content

The Nintendo Switch version of Wreckfest has a recommended retail price of $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99 and will be available both digitally and physically.

Two additional ‘Seasons’ of content will also be available:

  • Season 1 includes 20 vehicles, 20 roof decorations and a car customisation pack with new armour and wheel rims
  • Season 2 includes 12 additional cars

Pricing and item specifics for the two Seasons are yet to be confirmed.

Wreckfest Nintendo Switch release date

Wreckfest will launch for the Nintendo Switch on 21st June 2022.

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