Redout 2 is coming in 2022 to revive anti-gravity racing

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Redout 2 is coming in 2022 to revive anti-gravity racing

Anti-gravity racing is returning once more, with Redout 2 formally revealed for a 2022 release.

Pacer was the last significant anti-grav game that crossed out paths, releasing in 2020 for PC and PS4, followed by an Xbox One release in March 2021. This followed the superlative wipEout Omega Collection on PS4 in 2017 and the original Redout in 2016.

Now, the 34BigThings developed title is back for a sequel after an initial reveal during the Saver Interactive Showcase. This also follows Redout: Space Assault, an extraterrestrial series spin-off released in January 2021.

The headline feature at this stage is an expanded single-player career mode, that utilises 72 tracks – 36 venues, with reverse options – and several event types including Arena Races, Time Attack, Last Man Standing and Boss Races.

This has been combined with a crisper aesthetic theme – bright pastel colours and neon flashes lift the visuals. It’s more ‘in yer face’ than the original title.

Redout 2 , anti-gravity racing game

Customisation levels have also increased, mixing visuals and mechanical parts and the option to share your creations online. As for racing across the network, 12-player races and regular seasonal content will be implemented.

The racing looks as intense as ever, with your craft – floating above the track in futuristic fashion – blasting along the fictional venues to an EDM soundtrack that includes the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Zardonic and Dance with the Dead.

Redout 2 in-game image, 2022

Redout 2 is slated for a 2022 release, no specific date is discussed at this point, for PC (Steam and Epic), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. We’ll hopefully have more information throughout the upcoming year.

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