art of rally

art of rally’s Dune Casu on the game’s inspiration and future | Traxion.GG Podcast S4 E3

Enjoy a conversation with Dune Casu, the founder of Funselektor Labs, creator of Absolute Drift and art of rally.

Here we discuss the inspiration behind his two popular racing games, in particular where the visual style and love for rally originated from.

As an independent game developer found out how he created his first game and used that as an opportunity to enter the industry. He currently resides in a camper van on the west coast of America, which is where he spoke to us from.

art of rally developer Funselektor hints at mods, future projects

The future of ‘art of rally’ and the company is discussed too, with hints towards new locations, possible mod support and a new upcoming release.

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New tropical location update teased for art of rally.

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