Formula Retro Racing now available on PlayStation

Classic 90s style racing game Formula Retro Racing is now available on PlayStation. Created by British developer Repixel 8, Formula Retro Racing was released for Xbox One and PC 14th May 2020 to mainly positive reviews, but has now gained a release for Sony’s home consoles.

Created by a one-man development team in the form of Repixel 8 Director Andrew Jeffreys – who took inspiration for the game from his time creating games for retro games machines like the Atari 2600 – it successfully combines speed and simple game mechanics to provide a hit of nostalgia for old-school fans of arcade racers. Not only that, but up to four players can play simultaneously in local split-screen – like how we used to back in the 90s!

Drawing heavily on the influence of games such as Sega’s Virtua Racing, Formula Retro Racing follows a similar gameplay template to the 1992 arcade classic. There are a few tracks – including a polygonal recreation of the Monaco Grand Prix – super responsive controls, three difficulty settings and a slipstreaming mechanic. And players of a certain vintage will immediately feel at home attempting to reach checkpoints before the ticking clock hits zero…

If you’re looking for a hit of more retro-themed racing in the same vein as recent titles like Circuit Superstars, Total Arcade Racing and Art of Rally, then Formula Retro Racing is well worth a look. And we love retro-themed racers!

Formula Retro Racing is available to buy now on PlayStation for £4.99/$6.49/€5.99

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