July Roadmap Update for rFactor 2 teases new and updated content

July Roadmap Update for rFactor 2 teases new and updated content

Usually at the end of every month, the team at Studio 397 gives us all an update of what’s in store and a recap of what’s been done in the past few weeks regarding the rFactor 2 title.

The Roadmap Update for July arrived on Friday, and while there isn’t much that they can say just yet, there are a few things to be excited for in the coming weeks.


The very first point in the roadmap explains the updates coming to the player’s helmets. A new model will replace the existing one that’s been in place for “a while” and a user-friendly template will allow for increased community creativity. Physically-Based Rendering shader technology will also benefit the look of the helmets in the future as well.

Some existing cars will be receiving updates in the near future as well. We just reported on the new Tatuus MSV F3-020 release the other day, and from that, Studio 397 is looking to revisit the other previous Tatuus models that were in the game already. Updates to the audio, the visual and the physical aspects will hopefully make the Tatuus fleet a top choice for sim racers on the platform.

The USF2000 will also finally be getting that PBR update they’ve been talking about for a while, so look forward to a more visually appealing racecar.

One of the tracks currently in game will get that new track feeling when it gets the service’s next PBR update, but Studio 397 is keeping that information under lock and key. Stay tuned for whatever surprise is imminent.


With any patch or build, there are always improvements to be found in any video game, and rFactor 2 is no different. Shadows in the game have been looked at, and while they aren’t ready just yet, the improvements to the shadows should bring a better visual representation of things from cars to objects, among different amounts of lighting as well.

Some issues with the sounds have been acknowledged, and although those fixes may not come in the next build or patch, Studio 397 is working towards a permanent fix to usurp the current temporary workarounds and crashes.

Broadcaster overlays are being improved, The competition system continues to be developed, and some needed fixes are being looked at for the driver swap feature. More of that can be read over on the Studio 397 site.


A new safety car in the form of a Corvette C6 is coming to replace the old edition. This safety car will have lights, PBR shading and an official livery, the later still a work in progress.

There will also be a new car coming to rFactor 2, but that’s all we know as licensing and such either hasn’t been finalized or the company wants to wait on it for strategic purposes. Either way, you’ve got me intrigued Studio 397. IT must be a big deal if you feel the need to tease us about it and leave us hanging like that.

August looks to be promising for the rFactor 2 side of the sim racing world. The esports side with the first season of Formula Pro and the fourth season of GT Pro are bringing awareness back to the platform. New content and updated features will continue to raise the bar as well.

Stay tuned over here at Traxion where we’ll keep you up to date on all things rFactor 2 and more.

Images thanks to Studio 397

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