Free Tatuus MSV F3-020 now available on rFactor 2

Justin Melillo
Free Tatuus MSV F3-020 now available on rFactor 2

The latest from Studio 397 is a new low-powered open wheel single seater by an Italian chassis manufacturer, a new and free addition to rFactor 2. Simply put, there’s a new fancy Formula racer to try out on the sim racing service.

The Tatuus MSV F3-020 is a Formula 3 vehicle that rocks 230 bhp in the form of a “brand-new and bespoke developed Mountune 2-litre normally aspirated engine,” per the car specifications. The new ride was announced late on Wednesday 28th July on rFactor 2 social media accounts.

This new Tatuus is the upgraded F3-016 edition that raced in the British F3 ranks. This design features an updated aero package, updated safety design and added downforce and performance. It joins a handful of other free Tatuus racers already on the service.

More features on this car include the basics, such as a six-speed sequential gearbox, a choice of virtual wet or slick tires from Pirelli, plus a twin wishbone suspension with two-way adjustable dampers. Some of the new features include a “Formula One style spinal fin,” as well as a two piece rear-wing, revised front splitter and revised rear diffuser.

All in all, this should be a fairly fun starter car for those looking to get up the ranks in the open wheel ladder. It’s a good compliment to the brash and powerful new Formula Pro that released a few weeks ago. Studio 397 dropped a preview video in their announcement post which we’ve linked below. Check it out and let us know how it handles.

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