F1 Mobile Racing’s Update 21 allows you to look behind

Thomas Harrison-Lord
F1 Mobile Racing's Update 21 allows you to look behind

Yet another suite of changes are now live for F1 Mobile Racing – the officially licenced Formula 1 mobile racing game by Codemasters and Eden Games.

The main addition is the ability to look behind you, thanks to a new rear-view camera. Alongside this, medium-spec smartphones now have the option to reduce graphical prowess to allow for smoother game performance and car wear levels have been balanced.

Finally, alongside a set of smaller adjustments listed below, chassis parts can now be picked up via the in-game shop as daily offers.

Update 21 follows a significant increase in support for F1 Racing. The F1 2021 season was added in September, the much-anticipated Career mode in November and a Pro league feature earlier this month. Have you started playing the game recently? Let us know in the comments below.

F1 Mobile Racing McLaren

F1 Mobile Racing, Update 21 changelog

  • Fixed numerous issues with career missions
  • Fixed issue where career requisites marked as claimable were not completed after a reboot
  • Fixed issue where rebooting shortly after skipping a career season would not correctly skip the season
  • Fixed issue where requisites that required a player to upgrade a team chassis did not work retroactively
  • Fixed issue where pressing the retry button in quick succession would cause an error
  • Fixed issue where a white image would appear on a track loading screen
  • Fixed issue where “Press start to skip cinematic” text was present when using a controller
  • Fixed issue where some challenges do not consider requirements player had already met
  • Fixed issue where mini map option was stuck set to “enabled”
  • Fixed issue where mini map button would be unresponsive after changing the setting in a race
  • Fixed numerous visual issues on Canada track
  • Fixed issue where upgrading a chassis part would count towards the upgrade a performance part challenge
  • Fixed issue where controls were not shown when connecting a controller
  • Fixed issue when pausing while on a rumble strip would cause continuous vibration
  • Fixed issues with Zandvoort Circuit
  • Fixed issue where AI would slow down before the finish line during event qualifying
  • Fixed issue where selecting to load a cloud save would not force a restart
  • Fixed rare issue when returning from a duel no audio was present
  • Fixed issue where team panel in career could become misaligned
  • Fixed issue where career car wear would increase if the player remained inactive on the
    pre-race screen
  • Balancing tweaks have been made to Car Wear and Quick Repair amounts in Career Mode 
  • Added option for medium devices to lower quality settings for a better performance
  • Improvements to AI difficulty in higher leagues
  • Improvements to numerous assets loading times
  • Main Menu performance optimisation
  • Improvements to Career UI

Source: EA

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