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Career mode will be coming to F1 Mobile Racing soon

Career mode will be coming to F1 Mobile Racing soon

The official iOS and Android Formula 1 racing game by Codemasters and Eden Games, F1 Mobile Racing, will soon be receiving a highly-anticipated feature – a career mode.

Once you have surpassed League 7 in the pre-existing Duel mode, the new Career will unlock. You will first need to look through various contract offers and specific requirements – such as beating a driver in a Showdown – before signing up with a team.

Much like its bigger brother, F1 2021, you can then select which of the real-world drivers you replace and who will be your teammate, before taking part in a season of racing where durability management will be the key to success.

Each contract lasts one season and once complete, you can pick a new deal. Additionally, there are four types of contracts to progress through: Rookie, Challenger, Expert, and Master. You start your journey as a Rookie and work your way up.

F1 Mobile Racing has a heavy dependence on car part collection, this continues in the career, but if you own any of the F1 cars in-game, parts you acquire here can be used in all other modes too.

The 2021 season arrived in F1 Mobile Racing in September, and while the Career Mode isn’t quite available yet, Update 20 is said to be releasing ‘soon’. The game’s Twitter account also highlighted that new tracks will be also added to the game in future updates. We’ll let you know when the next addition is available.

Image source: EA

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