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F1 Mobile Racing receives Pro League update

F1 Mobile Racing receives Pro League update

EA and Codemasters have just released an update to the popular free-to-play racer F1 Mobile Racing, introducing a new player versus player competitive Pro League mode.

Following the mobile game’s 2021 content and career mode updates, the new Pro League addition delivers bigger in-game rewards to the highest-ranked players. And with a skill-matching system in place, F1 Mobile Racing gamers are likely to face a stiff challenge as they come up against players of similar ability.

F1 Mobile Racing Pro Leagues

Each season of Pro League lasts a month, and comes with a theme – so one month might feature historic F1 circuits like Monza or Spa-Francorchamps for example, while another season could feature technical street circuits such as the Baku City and the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuits. Themes will be announced ahead of every new season.

The new Pro League feature isn’t available immediately, however, as you will need to be a veteran F1 Mobile Racing player and have reached League 1 in Duel Mode to be eligible for the Pro League. But with bigger rewards and car upgrades up for grabs, it should be worth the effort.

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