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F1 22 game will feature a thumping official soundtrack

F1 22 game will feature a thumping official soundtrack

Codemasters and EA Sports have revealed that the upcoming F1 22 will feature a 33-song official licenced soundtrack.

Codemasters and EA Sports have revealed the artists and songs set to appear on the soundtrack to their hotly anticipated F1 22 today (22nd June 2022).

In a first for the series, the newest entry in the F1 franchise will have a 33-song soundtrack to accompany the on-screen action, featuring well-known artists like Charli XCX, Hozier, Marshmellow and James Bay.

According to Electronic Arts’ President of Music, Steve Schur, the team behind F1 22 “…wanted the very first EA SPORTS F1 soundtrack to heighten the rush players can experience from the pinnacle of motorsports.

“The 33 artists from 13 nations represent the defining talents of Electronic music, reflect the new era of Formula 1, and deliver a soundtrack that accelerates through the curves via the diversity, velocity and unpredictability of unrivalled collaborations.”

The team’s drive to include as diverse a range of music genres and artists as possible has led to the inclusion of international performers from Brazil, France, Australia, Italy, Sweden and The Congo. However, the bulk of the songs come from UK and US-based recording artists.

This move more closely aligns with existing EA Sports titles, such as the upcoming EA SPORTS FC, which are known for their licenced music soundtracks. Am I alone in remembering hearing Kasabian for the first time ever while playing FIFA?

F1 22 Alfa Romeo car model

F1 22 will be available to those who pre-order the Champions Edition digitally on the 28th of June, with a general release on the 1st of July. In another first for the series, F1 22 will debut VR, as well as the normal yearly roster updates, new rules and new cars.

Does F1 22’s official soundtrack enhance the game in your opinion? Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to in EA Sports’ forthcoming title? Let us know in the comments below and also stream the tunes on Spotify.

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