Your guide to Disney Speedstorm’s Founder’s Packs

Which Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Pack should you buy, if any? Justin Towell wades through the sea of unlockable content to find out.
Your guide to Disney Speedstorm's Founder's Packs

You wouldn’t know it from the game’s website or the various storefronts because they’re all pushing the Founder’s Packs so hard, but Disney Speedstorm is going to be free to play when it officially launches at some point late in 2023 or early 2024.

Being a Gameloft title, it’s clearly got that micro-transaction, ‘seasonal content’ DNA running right the way through it, so it’s definitely set up for a free-to-play model.

But, three Early Access versions are available now and give you a lot to get started with, from extra unlocked racers through to car and apparel mods, as well as help getting your character levelled up.

Your guide to Disney Speedstorm's Founder's Packs

They effectively work as retail releases, with the proviso that further seasons will be released every six-to-eight weeks on top of the standard content. So, if you’re going to pay for it now, which tier should you buy?

Here are the options…

Standard Founder’s Pack – £24.99 / $29.99

This is the cheapest paid-for option and gives you immediate access to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, plus one other racer of your choice from a selection, namely Baloo, Belle, Beast, Elizabeth Swann, Shang, or Mowgli.

Your guide to Disney Speedstorm's Founder's Packs

You also get 4,000 Tokens of in-game currency to buy some mods and upgrades, though it’s worth noting that some in-game items use different currencies, some of which can only be earned by playing online multiplayer races.  

You also get 2x Golden Pass credits, which can be used to unlock entire tiers of mods and upgrades for your characters. You also get an exclusive Founding Member’s race suit and kart liveries each for Mickey and Donald and your chosen extra racer, plus a Founder’s Motto and Avatar.   

Deluxe Founder’s Pack – £39.99 / $49.99

Your guide to Disney Speedstorm's Founder's Packs

This gives you everything listed above, plus Mulan unlocked as a playable racer. You get 7,000 tokens instead of 4,000, and the extra suits and liveries extend to the extra character.

Suffice to say, Mulan and those extra credits are arguably not reason enough to pay an extra £15 or $20 on top of the Standard pack, even though she’s an enjoyable character, launching off a volley of fireworks as her special attack. 

Ultimate Founder’s Pack – £57.99 / $69.99

Your guide to Disney Speedstorm's Founder's Packs

This gets everything the Deluxe Founder’s Pack gives you, plus Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules, which means every class of racer is represented from the off. Classes give you different Skills (basically weapons) from a pool of eight, so if you want to experience everything the game has to offer, you do need to try the different classes.

You also get 12,000 Tokens instead of 7,000, and 3x Golden Pass tickets, and a total of six liveries and suits to cover all your unlocked racers. As a final bonus you get kart wheels and wings for Donald Duck’s kart, although they’re honestly nothing special.  


Disney Speedstorm Closed Beta started Wednesday, signups still open

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that if you buy any of these packs on two different platforms, you can then merge your accounts using a Gameloft ID and pool your Golden Pass tickets and Tokens.

So, if you wanted to go crazy and buy the Standard Founder’s Pack twice, you would have two extra characters of your choice, 4x Golden Pass tickets and 8,000 Tokens, which is an interesting alternative to the Deluxe package. 

However, our advice would be to simply buy the Standard tier as it gives you a great start in the game and the gameplay and your kart’s performance doesn’t massively differ from souped-up versions, at least at this stage.

Early Access for Disney Speedstorm starts 18th April, but it won't be free Founder

FOMO is real, but with free trials of different racers, everyone unlocked for offline multiplayer, and the fact we have been finishing Top 3 in every online race so far when racing as a Level 1 character, you don’t need to pay top dollar to win or even to have fun. 

The Ultimate Pack is pretty alluring with all those extra characters, but – crucially – it doesn’t change the game’s constant pushing of loot boxes, several currencies and unlocking of further characters.

It’s not like you’re paying to have everything unlocked; this is a service game, will likely require more money later when the free version releases and real money comes into play to buy passes, tokens and extra seasons.

But for now, look out for the full Traxion.GG review of the current version soon. 

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