Game-changing TrackDayR update adds two new vehicles and four new tracks, including insane three-wheeler 

Ross McGregor
MadCow’s motorcycle sim TrackDayR has received a heft new update; including four new tracks and two new vehicles, including a bonkers three-wheeled effort.
Huge TrackDayR update adds two new vehicles and four new tracks, including insane three-wheeler 

MadCow’s TrackDayR continues its off-road progression by introducing two new off-road vehicles alongside three motocross-style tracks (a further asphalt circuit – Moesia – has also been added). 

The free v1.0.98.37 update landed on the Easter Bank Holiday weekend (8th April 2023 – sorry, we’re a bit late to the party on this) but has since enjoyed several additional hotfix patches. Check out all the details on the new content below. 

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, LACR

TrackDayR v1.0.98.37 new vehicles 

Quad ATV-MX 

Weirdly, for a game that has concerned itself exclusively with two-wheeled motorsport since its inception MadCow has brought a 450cc four-wheel-drive All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to the game.  

I don’t want to go too far here, but I feel like the Quad ATV-MX is a literal game-changer for TrackDayR, as it’s the most fun I’ve had with the title.

Cruising around the LACP environment, attacking the banked corners and pulling off insanely high jumps was a matter of course for the quad: it can tackle obstacles that its two-wheel cousins just couldn’t survive.

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, LACR
The ATV is brilliant fun around the new LACP track

The way its suspension handles bumps and the way its tyres visibly flex under load evokes attention to detail, with a driving model arguably better suited to off-road motoring (yes, I’m even accounting for BeamNG’s recent Baja-inspired v0.27 update).

The ATV can cope with undulating bumps with ease, unlike the rather unwieldy and skittish Dunekicker SPs in BeamNG. Hats off to MadCow, then, as the ATV is a hoot to drive, especially with the ability to control your rider’s body position, aiding cornering.

I sincerely hope MadCow continues with its foray into four-wheel vehicle creation, perhaps even adding its own take on disciplines like Rally Raid or Baja.

BProto MX and road 3-wheeler 

As if a four-wheeled quad in TrackDayR wasn’t incongruous enough, MadCow decided to add a three-wheeled vehicle too. Coming with off-road (MX) and asphalt versions, the BProto is ready-made meme machine, featuring an unstable handling platform completely unsuitable for motocross jumps. 

Still, never hurts to experiment a bit. All in the name of sim racing science, of course… 

Surprisingly, the little three-wheeled mini-truck is well-balanced, offering none of the Jeremy Clarkson-style issues seen in his special Reliant Robin Top Gear piece many years ago.
However, the BProto doesn’t enjoy tackling the undulations of the new Moesia Supermoto circuit, needing to hit the bumps head-on to keep the power delivery balanced over crests. It’s superb fun, regardless.

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, Moesia
It’s much more stable than you’d think

TrackDayR v1.0.98.37 new tracks 

Four new tracks have also been added in TrackDayR’s v1.0.98.37 update, including an officially licensed version of Los Angeles County Raceway Motocross track, named LACR MX in-game. As mentioned previously, this map is vast in comparison to some of the game’s other tracks, feeling almost open-world in its execution.

In addition to the Californian venue, MadCow has also added two more dirt tracks, one with big jumps and berms – Andes MX – and another with very little elevation changes, unsurprisingly called UTAH Flat. 

As an added bonus, the developer has introduced the Moesia asphalt Supermoto track, including tabletop jumps and asphalt berms, showing us that MadCow hasn’t completely neglected TrackDayR’s on-road fanbase. 

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, Moesia
The Moesia track probably wasn’t designed for this…

New suspension model, air physics update and other improvements. 

The TrackDayR team has also been hard at work improving the game’s suspension and in-air physics, increasing realism and immersion. The improved air physics are more conducive to controlling your rider’s body position mid-flight, allowing players to land jumps easier. 

Suspension has also been revised thanks to feedback from the TrackDayR community, contributing to a more responsive handling model. 

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, LACR
A motorbike in TrackDayR? That’s an idea that will never take off

A cleaner HUD has also been implemented, with an improved penalty system contributing to fairer global laptime rankings.  

Foggy weather can now also be sampled in mornings and evenings, but TrackDayR’s less-than-optimal depth of field effects are still in evidence, unfortunately. However, TrackDayR’s latest free update is excellent fun, with the ATV a particular highlight – perhaps also a sign of things to come from MadCow?

Have you sampled TrackDayR’s latest update? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below. 

TrackDayR, v1.0.98.37 update, LACR

TrackDayR v1.0.98.37 changelog 

  • new HUD 
  • new QUAD ATV MX 
  • new BProto 3-wheeler asphalt 
  • new BProto 3-wheeler MX 
  • new tracks ( ANDES MX, UTAH FLAT, MOESIA SM) 
  • new animation system 
  • new suspension system based on real data (thank you to MITCH for the data) 
  • new in-air physics system 
  • new engine torque curve simulation 
  • new tyres 
  • improved sit/stand animation 
  • new wheeiling system 
  • improved wheelie balance management 
  • improved influence engine revs in the agility of the bike 
  • improved rear wheel traction 
  • new camera 1 
  • new smooth leaning settings 
  • improved steer managment 
  • new optimal braking calculation system ( BrakeAI ) 
  • new physical braking calculation system 
  • added PSD system on rear suspension 
  • new dust replay for the front tyres 
  • new Low profile GFX setting 
  • hotfix the chainpull algorithm that induced strange wheelies even at high speed 
  • new ynamic camber simulation based on rear shock compression 
  • new vertical air drag system 
  • LOT OF MINOR FIXES – sincerely we have lost count of them 😛 
  • known issue old rider model on ghost laps in TimeattackR are broken 
  • We will evaluate in the next days if to clear leaderboards (maybe partially) 
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