WATCH: Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 22

Third time is the charm, right? Tier 27 hasn’t been the easiest in this Let’s Play for TOCA Race Driver 3. The GT Tuning Cup was fun, but difficult to master. The Dodge stock cars slid around too much, which cost too much time. Now, our last shot at moving up to the next tier is through the Formula 3 challenge.

The Formula 3 car that I’ll be wheeling today is the Alan Docking Racing machine with Mugen Power. This game is based in the early 2000’s, after all. A stepping stone to Formula 1, the third tier is usually the first major leap taken in that career path. This particular ride is 550 KG, has 200 BHP and will go from zero-to-sixty in three seconds.

In this four-race series, John Traxion will need to place second or higher in the overall standings. Phillip Island, Oulton Park, Snetterton and Castle Combe are the circuits I’m taking on, and Antony is my new mortal enemy.

There’s only five more tiers to go if I can conquer this one. If not, I’ll have to try one of these three challenges again. It’s the third episode of this tier now, so I hope we move on to whatever is in store at Tier 28.

The first 21 episodes in this Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3 series have been a blast to put together. This one is no different, but give the others a watch before diving in over here. Let us know how we’re doing in the comments!

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