WATCH: Is racing in VR quicker than non-VR?

Call me a sceptic, but as much as I enjoy VR racing – the ability to look in your mirror by moving your head or simply looking around the interior of a car is special – I wasn’t convinced if I could be quicker while wearing my expensive goggles.

I would often try VR, enjoy the experience, but then remove the headset when I needed to take part in an online race. When was the last time you saw an esports professional win a league race in VR? I’m sure it’s happened, but you would hardly call it a common occurrence.

Still, something was nagging away at me after I tried KartKraft in VR and still seemed to be setting some competitive online leaderboard times. Could racing in VR be quicker than non-VR?

It was time to fire up my PC, plug in the VR headset, try not to break my glasses and set some lap times. Watch my latest video to see the results.

Let us know via social media if you’ve enjoyed your time in VR or have yet to experience it.

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