WATCH: Which are the best DiRT games?

WATCH: Which are the best DiRT games?

Uh-oh, strap in folks. This one may cause a debate. We’ve ranked every game in the DiRT franchise, from our least favourite to what we think is the best.

The DiRT, or sometimes DIRT, games are all predominately off-road-based, but include a surprising amount of diverse racing types from across the 14 years since the first – the Vaseline-smeared Colin McRae: DiRT from 2007. Traditional stage rallying, dirt circuit racing, hillclimb and rallycross all feature. Apart from one, which didn’t really have any of those.

A contentious subject, I’m sure. But that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with us. Far from it. This is just our opinion. Disagree? Great! Let us know on social media which you think is the best instead. We’re all ears.

Before you click or tap play, we also just want to clarify that this excludes all of the Colin McRae titled games prior to the first DiRT. That will perhaps be a separate discussion for another time. But for now, watch our ranking and tell us how much you disagree. It’s all part of the fun.

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