WATCH: Hands-on with the rFactor 2 Formula Pro car

Ahead of the inaugural Formula Pro Series and Formula Challenge Series esports championships within rFactor 2, starting on 19th July 2021, you can now buy the brand-new Formula Pro single-seater car within the platform.

Priced at £4.27/$5.89/€4.99, it has a mid-mounted naturally aspirated V10 engine with an 18,000rpm redline and 800hp. A lack of electrification or downsizing may come across like something from the stone age, but it reminds us of that ear-piercing noise that you can get from a highly-strung engine that eschews forced induction or batteries.

The exterior is far from historic, however, with clean lines and simple F1-2022-aping aerodynamic appendages.

So, who better than to test out this new machine that our resident esports testbed, John Munro.

Pink gloves at the ready…

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