Formula Pro fantasy single-seater arrives in rFactor 2 on 1st July

Justin Melillo

Finally revealed on Wednesday, the Formula Pro is ready to hit the racetrack starting tomorrow, 1st July. 

It was announced a few weeks ago that the new fantasy car will be featured in the upcoming Formula Pro Series and Formula Challenge Series. The details were scarce then, but now we know what it looks like, what it sounds like and what is under the virtual panelling that will give it immense virtual speed. 

In the June 2021 Roadmap Update on the Studio-397 site, more about the new car is explained. The Formula Pro is the fastest and most modern car available to race and features 800 HP in a car that weighs 680 KG. The initial release is a “shakedown” build, with hopes to further develop the new car before a later release of the final product later in the month.  

From the release video, all of the already known specs were reiterated. The car will have 18000 RPM, a 3250 MM Wheelbase, up to 2400 KG downforce, a double wishbone suspension as well as specific metrics for the brakes and tires in both the front and rear. 

The car looks sleek and sounds fierce from the release video. As the shakedown period commences, the car will be fine tuned before its final version, hopefully before the two esports series kick off. Similar to how iRacing has the Dallara IR-01 and RaceRoom Racing Experience will soon have its own Formula car variant, the Formula Pro is fictional with it meant to mimic the real thing as close as possible.

The Formula Challenge Series qualifiers will take place in the initial build from 2nd July to 12th July. The two new esports series will start with Pro on 19th July with a prize pool worth over $25,000. You can watch some of the best racers take on the new vehicle when the Pro Series and Challenge Series gets going, broadcasted live on Traxion.GG’s YouTube and Facebook feeds

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