WATCH: 1997 Meets 2021, Wreckfest Carmageddon UPDATE!

Carmageddon fans rejoice! This week, a new free Wreckfest update was released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox and it’s a good one. The Carmageddon Tournament Update brings these two equally loveable and chaotic worlds crashing together and as you can imagine, I was sent to go and clean up the mess.

Ever wondered what a 1997 game design would look like within a modern game engine? Well here is your answer! We try out the new car, the Eagle-R car, and the many various new circuits – all based upon the original 90s game.

Wreckfest Eagle-R challenge

Bleak City and Devil’s Canyon offer straightforward race layouts, but also free roam, while Bleak City additionally features a reversed version and a dedicated demolition area.

How are my zombie cow slicing skills? Will I finish a race with all four wheels? And crucially, is this new update more than just a nostalgia trip? Watch the video to find out.

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