Cruis’n Blast track showcase visits new venues in upcoming arcade racer

Justin Melillo
Cruis'n Blast Track Showcase Visits New Venues In Upcoming Arcade Racer

During the Nintendo Direct section of E3 2021, the latest Cruis’n game was announced for release in Q4 2021. In a new trailer released on Wednesday, it’s now known when the game will launch, as well as some of the tracks included in the release.

Cruis’n Blast, the fourth instalment in the Cruis’n franchise from developer Raw Thrills, will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on 14th September. The trailer includes scenes from tracks such as Space Attack, Dino Janeiro, Mountain Mayhem, British Invasion and Twister Terror.

Cruis’n Blast’ splitscreen multiplayer

Currently existing as an arcade cabinet game that released in 2017, the ported Switch version of Cruis’n Blast will larger. Besides the 29 tracks across six tours, Cruis’n Blast features 23 vehicles that range from “licensed supercars to unicorns.” The game also has four-player local network racing or multiplayer split-screen.

The trailer not only shows the tracks, but also some of the destructive visuals of the gameplay. Preorders are available now for the upcoming release. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about the latest updates for the arcade racer.

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