Wash a virtual car and more in PowerWash Simulator on Steam

Wash a virtual car and more in PowerWash Simulator on Steam

Continuing my quest to find the most obscure simulator out there related to cars, I happened upon PowerWash Simulator last week and it caught my attention. I saw a car getting washed in the trailer, and I thought, well, there’s that. 

PowerWash Simulator, a collaborative effort from Square Enix Collective and FuturLab, is currently in Early Access on Steam, and the main purpose of the cleaning simulator is to clean up what I can only describe as the dirtiest virtual people in the world, tons of dirt and grime and filth from the residents of the fictional town of Muckingham

Not only cars, but anything imaginable needs cleaning in this virtual landscape. Start with a basic set of nozzles, earn a few bucks for each piece cleaned, and upgrade your inventory with better performing washers, add-on extensions, more advanced nozzles, as well as different cleaners for different surfaces to make the job easier.  

Choosing a washer too weak could leave dirt behind but the more powerful ones wash less of a surface area. There are also tools that can be placed around the map to reach those hard to wash places and hitting the tab key will highlight any mess you might have missed. 

Oftentimes, I find myself relaxing to YouTube clips of things getting power washed or cleaned since my OCD appreciates a good cleaning. After checking out PowerWash Simulator, I’m glad that it’s not my full-time job, because I think I spent over an hour on the first level alone. 

The Steam page states that Early Access might last for a while, but free content including new levels and modes will all be included before the official launch. For $19.99/£15.99, Steam users can access the Early Access and get to washing away all of that virtual filth. 

Hopefully someone in the final release of Muckingham has a stock car or formula car or something to clean up. The big blue van at the start just isn’t doing it for me. 

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