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The 2022 season is now within F1 Mobile Racing

The 2022 season is now within F1 Mobile Racing

A free update for Apple and Android users is now live for F1 Mobile Racing, adding the current season’s vehicles and the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

The official Android and iOS Formula 1 driving game, F1 Mobile Racing, has received a large update to match the 2022 season.

Now, your custom vehicle is within the current real-world rule set, and the current drivers, teams and cars feature as rivals.

Alongside the new cars comes the Jeddah Corniche Circuit too, first seen on the F1 circuit last season and brings the F1 Mobile Racing track roster up to 23, following recent additions of the Algarve International Circuit and Imola.

The game’s structure remains largely the same. It’s free-to-play, with in-game currency earned or purchased and bonuses unlocked for watching optional adverts.

F1 Mobile Racing 2022 car 02

You primarily progress through Leagues, one-on-one races with other players, before unlocking further Challenges – such as a battle with Alex Albon in his Williams – and then a full career mode where you take your team and drivers to championship glory.

All the while, you are developing your vehicle, the system for which has now been revamped and rebalanced with new parts for the 2022 season.

F1 Mobile Racing, 2022 League Progression

The 2022 season update that includes the Saudi Arabian venue, new car parts, revised research and development process and the 2022 season cars, drivers and teams is live now and is free to all players.

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