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F1 Mobile Racing will add Jeddah Corniche Circuit soon

F1 Mobile Racing will add Jeddah Corniche Circuit in future update

Part of an upcoming update for F1 Mobile Racing will be the new Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which was announced by EA and Codemasters earlier on Monday (20th June 2022). The Jeddah street course was raced last season for the first time in Formula 1 in December 2021’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The course, which returned to the 2022 calendar earlier this season in March, has two winners, last year won by Lewis Hamilton and this year by Max Verstappen. Jeddah features 27 corners around its 6.174-kilometer (3.836-mile) layout.

We know that the F1 Mobile Racing 2022 update, scheduled for some point soon, is set to feature all of the new cars and tracks on the 2022 calendar. The 2021 update did not have Jeddah, so this will be its first appearance in the title.

Whether the 2022 update includes all of the new stuff or if it will be a separate one for Jeddah is also a little bit ambiguous. The original report had the update fully containing all of the things. The track was a part of the 2022 update thread on the Twitter. However, in the EA posting, it doesn’t specifically say the 2022 update, but it does say that it will be in a future one.

The same Twitter thread also says to “check back tomorrow” (21st June 2022) for the answer to the question everyone is asking. Does that mean we’ll get to know when this is finally dropping? We’ll keep our eyes out for whatever update comes next for the title. Keep it pinned!

Images thanks to EA

Update – We believe that the upcoming 2022 season update for F1 Mobile Racing will indeed include Jeddah.

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