rFactor 2’s Q1 2022 update live – DLC, Competition System and build changes

rFactor 2's Q1 2022 update live - DLC, Competition System and build changes

The February 2022, Q1, update for rFactor 2 is now live, and it includes support for the new downloadable content, tweaks to existing items and Season 1 for the Competition System.

New build changes

A new patch is now live for rFactor 2 and will now download for anyone with the sim racing platform installed.

We’ve included the full changelog at the bottom of this article, but the headline changes include new IndyCar-related signage for the Indianapolis venue and tweaks to the Norma M30 LMP3 to bring it up to speed with the new Ligier. This means an all-new Nissan VK56 engine, providing a 35bhp boost.

The all-new user interface, released two weeks ago, has also received a suite of further tweaks, such as smoother transitions and revised button designs.

Competition System, Season 1

A marked change of approach henceforth for rFactor 2, the Competition System will now offer ‘Seasons’, with set race playlists make it, in theory, more streamlined.

Before each Season, the developer Studio 397 will publish the new playlist of online multiplayer events. Each event will have a set car and a number of tracks, with races starting on a timed basis.

This is similar to the scheduled online races on GT Sport or RaceRoom, but without a ranking system. Each season will last six weeks.

rFactor 2 Race of the Season, Season 1, February-March 2022

Season 1 line-up

The rF2 Rookie Cup will use an entry-level car and will race on the hour, every hour. There will be a 10-minute practice session followed by 10-minutes of qualifying and a 20-minute race. This will be using the Alpine A110.

The Open-Wheel Sprint, meanwhile, will race every hour on the half-hour. Once again, there’s a 10-minute practice session followed by 10-minutes of qualifying but a 25-minute race. This uses the USF 2000 single-seater.

Next up, the INDYCAR Open Challenge will use the new INDYCAR IR-18 for two races each day. One at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT / 8 pm GMT / 9 pm CET and a second at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT / 12 am GMT / 1 am CET. These will feature a 10-minute practice session, 10-minutes of qualifying and a 40-minute race.

Capping the event list off is the Race of the Season. This consists of online leaderboard hot lap sessions for five weeks, before the best competitors take part in a live race, broadcast online. For this season, it will use the new BMW M4 GT3 around the Daytona International Speedway Road Course, with the race on Sunday 20th March at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT / 8 pm GMT / 9 pm CET.

New downloadable content

The INDYCAR IR-18 is now available for rFactor 2 users. Priced at £4.22/$5.71, it features every official 2021 real-world paint scheme and the Push-to-Pass and Weight Jacker functions.

This sits alongside the BMW M4 GT3 and the Ligier JS P320 LMP3, also costing £4.22/$5.71.

Daytona International Speedway, oval and Road Course, has been released for £7.60/$10.28.

rFactor 2, February 2022 update changelog


  • Tweaked styling on the buttons in the manage content page
  • Tweaked styling on the buttons in certain server related pop-ups
  • Tweaked styling on the Load Replay button in the replays page
  • Added smoother transitions when navigating between pages in the single-player area
  • Added functionality to copy the controller profile name to the controller profile save text field
  • Fixed issue where package list sorting on manage content page got undone after content installation
  • Fixed issue where the driver column with high values in the multiplayer page was cropped
  • Fixed issue where unintended graphics settings were shown in the event settings screen
  • Fixed inconsistency in slider value percentage rendering in settings pages
  • Fixed issue where the restart race button was greyed out in servers
  • Fixed issue where users couldn’t scroll down in the setup list
  • Fixed issue where chat order got reversed around midnight

Norma M30 LMP3

  • Changes made as per 2020 LMP3 regulations: minimum car weight 950kg
  • New engine – Nissan VK56 (35HP more vs older VK50 engine), one, fixed set of gear ratios, traction control is allowed
  • Removed upgrades option for unrestricted tyre compounds
  • Disabled pressureonthefly PITMENU option

Indianapolis Motor Speedway V1.16

  • Updated Indy GP layout to have INDYCAR Advertisements

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