New Release Candidate build for rFactor 2 Online addresses several bugs

Ross McGregor
A new Release Candidate build for rFactor 2 has been released, enhancing the Studio 397-developed sim’s rFactor 2 Online multiplayer system.
rFactor 2, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992), 2023 liveries

Off the back of rFactor 2 Online’s relatively successful soft launch almost a fortnight ago, Studio 397 has added a new Release Candidate build for its growing multiplayer community to sample. 

Released today (17th October 2023), the new build tidies up rFactor 2 Online’s rota of events and their featured content, providing players with an all-new schedule of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced races to try. 

Studio 397 also plans to schedule GT3 and BTCC Special Races every Tuesday and Thursday from now onwards, with this week’s lineup also including a BMW M2 CS Cup event around Sebring’s Club layout.

rFactor 2 Online Special Races, 17th-23rd October

  • Tuesday, 9:15pm CEST: Weekly BTCC Open at Donington Park GP 
  • Thursday, 9:10pm CEST: Weekly GT3 Open at Spa Francorchamps 
  • Saturday, 9:30pm CEST: Back to School with the BMW M2 CS Cup at Sebring Club 

In terms of back-end updates, Studio 397 has buffed the amount of Safety Rank (SR) and Driver Rank (DR) gained from higher level races, allowing players to level up faster and gain access to more races. 

The dreaded Cupra Leon disconnection bug has also finally been resolved, meaning all eight BTCC manufacturers can be represented with the new multiplayer matchmaking system. 

To access the new Release Candidate build in rFactor 2, right click on rFactor 2 in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’. From here, click on ‘Betas’ and from the ‘Beta participation’ drop-down menu select the rFactor 2 RaceControl Release Candidate build. 

We’ve listed the full run-down of rFactor 2 Online’s races plus Release Candidate changelog below. 

Are you enjoying rFactor 2 Online? Let us know in the comments. 

rFactor 2, Croft, BTCC, Honda Civic Type R

rFactor 2’s Daily Races (17th – 23rd October): 

Beginner Races – Every Hour 

Radical Rookies 

  • Car: Radical SR3-RSX 
  • Track: Botniaring Short 

BMW M2 Cup 

  • Car: BMW M2 Cup 
  • Track: Portland Full 

Open Wheel Sprint 

  • Car: Tatuus FT-50 
  • Track: Toban Short Reverse 

Intermediate Races – Every Two Hours 

Prototype Challenge 

  • Car: LMP3 Norma or LMP3 Ligier 
  • Track: Bahrain International Circuit (GP) 

Touring Car Championship 

  • Car: BTCC 2021 
  • Track: Brands GP 

Advanced Races – Every 3 Hours 

Road Course Rivals 

  • Car: Oreca LMP2 or Ligier P217 
  • Track: Daytona Road Course 

NB: Races run from 11am CEST to 3am CEST  

rFactor 2 Release Candidate changelog: 

  • Usernames no longer support symbols. 
  • Changing usernames will preserve previous race results. 
  • Protest submissions have been improved: 
  1. Mandatory text box for providing reasons. 
  1. Mandatory timestamp. 
  1. Clarity on what types of incidents can be protested. 
  • Updating email via Profile page is now possible. 
  • Leaderboard improvements: 
  1. Track layout consideration added. 
  1. Gap calculation bug fixed. 
  1. Added row to showcase your time (if set). 
  • New designs for rank badges are now displayed. 
  • Error/warning messages added for practice server join failures. 
  • Registration process updated for clearer instructions and validations. 
  • Community server list bug fixed. 
  • Notification panels have improved buttons and interactions. 
  • Post-race results for Bronze Ranks are more accurate. 
  • Unique server mod names for each server to address “unable to install mod” errors. 
  • Players selecting the Cupra BTCC will not face disconnections. 
  • Increased DR exchange in higher level races 
  • Decreased SR gain potential in higher level races (this does not affect potential loss) 

Source: Studio 397

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