New Cruis’n Blast trailer reveals over 20 ‘insane’ rides

Justin Melillo

The anticipated Cruis’n Blast arcade racer coming to Nintendo Switch this month has another trailer to dissect. The ‘Vehicle Showcase’ video that dropped on Tuesday unveils some of the raceable things in this game.

I’m trying to avoid using the word car, well, because that wouldn’t be entirely true. Yes, there are over 20 things to race with. There are licensed vehicles, such as the Hummer EV that appears near the front of the video. There’s a Chevrolet Camaro after that (shown in a great color, might I add), and then it gets weird.

Only one of these is technically a vehicle that’s being showcased.

I’m pretty sure there’s a triceratops, a hammerhead shark, and a unicorn in there. I wonder how much… horsepower… the unicorn has… sorry, I’ll get off the stage.

Anyway, the ‘Vehicle Showcase’ is uses the word vehicle very loosely. The wide shot with the words ‘Over 20 Insane Vehicles’ shows off a helicopter and a flying saucer. There’s a tank, a firetruck, a school bus, a double decker bus, an ATV, a motorcycle and many more normal choices beyond that.

It looks like there’s also a little open-wheel flair, to kind of tie it in with things we normally cover over here at Traxion. No halo installed on that, but we are talking arcade racing at the moment. Other things seen include a police car, a hovercraft of some kind and a monster truck.

On top of the vehicles, there are some customization options available, as well as supercharged upgrades. Many of the showcased features included added lights or neat accessories to the vehicles. Or, add wings to the unicorn to also make it a pegasus, I guess.

Or you can have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. The choice is yours, go wild.

The arcade racing title launches 14th September, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the latest trailer below and tell us what you think in the comments below that!

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