American Truck Simulator introduces International LT DLC

Justin Melillo

Alright, so this may technically be our first post about the popular game American Truck Simulator. I know Tom has written about Euro Truck Simulator 2 before, but this has to be our introduction to the American version here at Traxion, I’m pretty sure.

No, I don’t think I’m going to count that one back in January about the politically-charged vaccine challenge or whatever. Fun little read, but let’s briefly dig into the American version of this simulator itself.

American Truck Simulator, the counterpart to Euro Truck Simulator, both by SCS Software that released over five years ago, is a big rig truck driving simulation game. The original concept in 2008 with the O.G. Euro Truck Simulator was one of the first of these simulator-style games where the player would get a full experience of what it would be like to have a truck driver lifestyle.

It’s really not much more than that. There are challenges and timing is a part of it, but it lends itself to be more of a realistic representation of driving a truck in the Western United States at 1/20th scale. I’ve seen a lot of streamers use the simulator to unwind, which honestly, sounds like a vibe. It is newer in the sense that even though a Euro Truck Simulator 2 exists, that released a few years before this American one, back in 2012.

The news for the day is that the International LT is a free DLC add-on to the American Truck game.

Way to bury the lede there, Melillo.

This new to ATS truck is touted as the “most driver-centric, uptime-focused truck” coming from the International Trucks assortment. There will be seven chassis variants, three different cabin types and three different interior options, those being classic, diamond and black cherry. The International LT also comes with a variety of exterior tuning options, per the SCS Software blog post.

Some of the features that truck drivers can look forward to include “intuitive controls, enhanced visibility, a quiet cab, critical information at your fingertips, and dozens of other smart features.” Comfort is the name of the game within this game here.

There will be a live stream on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. CEST / 5:00 p.m. BST / Noon ET on Thursday, 2nd September over on the ATS Twitch and YouTube channels. They’ll discuss the new features and give a behind the scenes look at the new truck. Check out the announcement video below.

Images thanks to SCS Software

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