Need for Speed Unbound will feature over 10,000 customisation items

Need for Speed Unbound will feature over 10,000 customisation items

Legendary Customs in Need for Speed Unbound will completely change the look of your cars, taking customisation to a whole new level.

The constant drip feed of Need for Speed Unbound news continues, as we head towards its 2nd December release date – this time, fresh video clips delve deeper into the car customisation options. 

While it has been previously showcased that body panel removal is now an option – with an open-top Nissan Silvia looks particularly aggressive. 

Need for speed Unbound cutaway

These are known as ‘cutaways’ in Unbound, with an example being the removal of a Subaru BRZ’s rear bumper. 

Riffing once again on F1 22’s Podium Pass customisation collectables, it sounds as if car items will be ranked, with ‘Legendary Customs’ being the top tier. These are said to dramatically alter a vehicle’s proportions or silhouette. 

Need for Speed Unbound Legendary Customs

Now we can see that process applied in a much more aggressive fashion, to of all vehicles, a Land Rover Defender. Paid with phat rims, a wider track and a striking body kit, it looks like no other agricultural off-roader. 

Need for Speed Unbound Wrap Editor

Combining these options with a new wrap editor, character clothing options, Rocket League-aping styles and turbofan wheels will equate to over 10,000 items within the game. 

Need for Speed Unbound Turbofan wheels

A key element will be how user-friendly the modifying is, and the progression involved to unlock, buy or earn the items. We’ll hopefully know more as the game nears launch. 

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