Need for Speed Unbound’s car customisation is next-level cool

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Taking inspiration from Rocket League, Need for Speed Unbounds’ customisable driving effects are highlighted in the first gameplay footage. Car modifications have been taken to a new level, too.
Need for Speed Unbound’s car customisation is next-level cool

The first clear gameplay footage for the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound has broken cover in a trailer that focuses on the driving game’s customisation options.

Unique driving effects and tags

With an art style that aims to bring ‘Graffiti to life’, the smoke coming from your rear tyres during drifts will be cel-shaded – this look is distinctive, alongside the cartoon-esque look of the characters in cutscenes.

These are dubbed as ‘driving effects’ and also include on-screen designs for when you activate Burst Nitrous known as tags’.

Need for Speed Unbound driving effects tags

These remind us of the Rocket Boost, a staple of customisation in Rocket League, or even the Trails in the recently released You Suck at Parking.

As you progress through the game, more driving effects and tags will be unlocked. If it’s not your scene, they can also be omitted, and the effects switched off.

Deeper car modifications

A staple of the series, modifications and upgrades to your cars has been Need for Speeds’ forte in recent years.

Unbound aims to take that a step further, with the option of part removal. Yes, you can add wide-body kits, big exhausts and giant wheels, but you can also take elements away.

In the latest gameplay footage, the heavily modified Nissan has had its roof removed, with the roll cage now visible.

Need for Speed Unbound modified Nissan

It’s reasonable to assume too that hoods can also be removed, as the press material mentions “you can expose the mechanical guts of your car.”

As many recent Need for Speed fans will testify, the level of customisation is a main draw to the series.

Street Art

Artists such as Sentrock (known for red bird-themed street art) and JC Rivera (known for yellow bear-themed street art) will adorn the Lakeshore open world. They will also be a way of collecting these and applying them to your vehicles via a new wrap editor.

Need for Speed Unbound driving effects

“Need for Speed Unbound’s realistic-looking world and cars really help ground the visuals,” said the title’s Art Director, Darren White, who has previously worked on Need for Speed Heat and at Slightly Mad Studios on Project CARS and Project CARS 2.

“Taking inspiration from street art and other media, we creatively subvert the characters and visual effects, turning them into expressionistic illustrations of ‘you’ and ‘your actions.’”

Oh yes, your character will have poses, animations and clothing to earn. Yay. Yay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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