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F1 22’s Podium Pass Series 3 includes several snazzy liveries

F1 22’s Podium Pass Series 3 includes several snazzy liveries

More cosmetic items can be unlocked, or purchased, within the F1 22 game – although this time, there aren’t too many home furnishings. Thank goodness…

The third series of EA Sports F1 22’s Podium Pass is now live in-game, and as per usual, there are several eye-catching cosmetic items to unlock.

This is all optional, and will not affect performance, but if you’d like a striking paint scheme when racing online, this is how you unlock such a thing.

F1 22 Infinite car livery, Podium Pass Series 3

On the free tiers, there are three distinct themes of car livery and race wear: Jagged (the car design is immediately unlocked), Speed Slashed and all the way at level 30, Infinite.

A little nod to David Croft’s race start commentary – “it’s lights out and away we go” – is unlockable at level 111 as a sticker.

F1 22 Día de Muertos suit

On the VIP tier, for 9,000 Pitcoin, level 12 sees you unlock a ‘legendary’ race suit representing Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead.

Pitcoin costs the following amounts: 2,000 Pitcoin – £1.69/$1.99, 5,000 Pitcoin – £3.69/$4.19, 11,000 Pitcoin – £7.99/$8.99, 24,000 Pitcoin – £16.99/$18.99 and 50,000 Pitcoin – £29.99/$34.99.

The 30 levels of Podium Pass, and the new matching XP-generating challenges, are live now and end in 47 days’ time. This follows Series 2, which featured Lando Norris-related designs.

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