KartKraft Multiplayer Racing mode now expected Holiday 2022

Justin Melillo
KartKraft muddy boots
Muddy boots

Another community update from Motorsport Games regarding KartKraft was posted on the Steam page on Tuesday (31st May 2022). In the update, it was unveiled that Multiplayer racing will be scheduled to be available for Holiday 2022.

Multiplayer racing was something promised when the game released from Early Access back in January, but unfortunately that did not pan out as expected. While the developers continue to improve it as one of their top priorities, other updates will be coming sooner than that.

An update is planned in the near future for quality-of-life improvements to the title. Q3 2022 will also see the inclusion of a new engine and class to the fold, as well as “multiple time-of-day track conditions”.

The team behind the game is aware of other issues and requests, such as new karts, weather, helmet customization and more. Those requests are something MSG is “eager to bring, among other things, to life.”

KartKraft was also announced to be heading to consoles by the end of this year per a recent developer road map. In the update post on the Motorsport Games site, it is said that it is still coming to consoles in the future as they work with Microsoft and Sony. A specific time frame, like in the original updated road map, was not included.

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