KartKraft is now released, as karting sim launches v1.0

Thomas Harrison-Lord
KartKraft is now released, as karting sim launches v1.0

In a move that has come earlier than anticipated, karting simulator KartKraft has come out of Early Access and into version 1.0 on Steam today, 26th January 2021.

Having entered Early Access on Steam in 2018, there have been several recent updates of late, including the Genk circuit, the addition of KartKross plus Brentomonte, audio changes and Whilton Mill. It was announced in September 2021 that the game was releasing in full, but at the time, no date was provided.

Alongside all previous updates and features, including VR, TrackIR, motion and triple-screen support, one of the big new features arriving today is online multiplayer. In December an online practice mode was added, but now you are able to race online using a hopper system.

KartKraft Praga 600cc 'Monster' Kart

At the top of the speed ratings, a new Praga 600cc ‘Monster’ Kart has also been added. You’ll need to have your wits about to you to master this beast, its name does not do its driving characteristics a disservice. It features a lengthened frame so a four-cylinder, nearly 100hp, Honda motorcycle engine can be fitted to the chassis.

In addition, there’s also a new circuit, the fictional Hangar venue. This is available within the Time Trial mode, with online leaderboards, and is set inside an aeroplane storage facility.

In total, there are eight officially licenced kart manufacturers across five different classes. There are seven officially licensed and laser-scanned tracks. Different driver apparel can be purchased.

KartKraft Hangar Time Trial

After such a long gestation period, it’s perhaps a relief to finally see KartKraft release in its entirety. It went through a name change, an initial gameplay trailer in 2016 and acquisition in 2021.

“With our full launch out of Early Access, we couldn’t be more pleased to finally bring a list of features that have been asked for by our community for some time, including online multiplayer, user interface updates and more tracks,” said KartKraft founder and Director of Technology at Motorsport Games, Zach Griffin.

“More importantly, this does not signal the end of KartKraft’s development, but the start of the next chapter.”

KartKraft KartKross drift

What the future entails is yet to be known, but it’s said that the development team will “continue to work on and improve KartKraft after initial release.” As it stands, the only weather types available are Overcast or Sunny, but there were plans to incorporate rain at some point.

The game is available now on PC via Steam for $39.99/€33.99/£30.99.

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KartKraft track list

  • Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • The Geelong Kart Club
  • Karting Genk
  • Go Kart Club of Victoria (GKCV)
  • Go Kart Club of Victoria Reverse (GKCV)
  • PF International (PFI)
  • PF International (PFI) Classic
  • Brentomonte Circuit
  • Whilton Mill
  • Hangar (Time Trial only)

KartKraft kart list

  • Arrow KA100
  • Arrow X30
  • Arrow KZ2
  • CRG KA100
  • CRG X30
  • CRG KZ2
  • Deadly KA100
  • Deadly X30
  • Deadly KZ2
  • Formula K KA100
  • Formula K X30
  • Formula K KZ2
  • Monaco KA100
  • Monaco X30
  • Monaco KZ2
  • OK1 KA100
  • OK1 X30
  • OK1 KZ2
  • Praga KA100
  • Praga X30
  • Praga KZ2
  • Praga Monster Kart
  • Sodi KA100
  • Sodi X30
  • Sodi KZ2
  • Generic Plain Black X30
  • Generic Plain Blue X30
  • Generic Plain Red X30
  • KartKross
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