KartKraft development continues, updates coming soon

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Back in January of this year, KartKraft by Motorsport Games was released out of Early Access with new features and a plan of updates to follow. Unfortunately, one of those new features hasn’t quite come to fruition yet, but the development team has issued a statement with a roadmap.

“With our full launch out of Early Access, we couldn’t be more pleased to finally bring a list of features that have been asked for by our community for some time, including online multiplayer, user interface updates and more tracks,” said KartKraft founder and Director of Technology at Motorsport Games, Zach Griffin, when the game released.

Unfortunately, the online racing is still missing at this time. It does still have online ghost racing based upon lap times alone presently, but not the hopper and online multiplayer that was initially expected.

On top of that, the in-game economy doesn’t function correctly either – you can simply purchase any kart and any time.

On Wednesday (27th April), KartKraft’s Steam page and the Motorsport Games site released a community update to ensure their players that the game is still being worked on and those promises are still expected.

“We remain committed to creating the best simulator in its class and are as excited as ever for the future of KartKraft and its community of players,” the community update stated.

KartKraft is now released, as karting sim launches v1.0

The update continued by starting that multiplayer is still being worked on, and they will release it when it is up to the standards that people expect it to be. Further updates are also expected before multiplayer rolls out, and more details are expected by the middle of May.

“We have some other updates in the works that we think you’re going to like, and that will be rolled out prior to multiplayer races. By the middle of next month, some of these updates will already be live and we will have more details to share about our plans for KartKraft going forward.”

It was also announced today that the KartKraft platform will be utilized by Motorsport Games to develop their future products, including NASCAR ’23, after an unsatisfactory release of NASCAR 21: Ignition last year back in October. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further updates on this title.

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