Gran Turismo 7 prizes up for grabs, Toyota Ambulance confirmed

Correctly predicting the result of the upcoming Gran Turismo World Series Showdown event will reward players with in-game credits, while watching the stream unlocks an ambulance.
Gran Turismo 7 prizes up for grabs, Toyota Ambulance confirmed

Following a format set last year by Gran Turismo 7 for the World Series World Finals, an in-game area will now allow players to predict winners for the upcoming Amsterdam-based Showdown event.

There, some of the best Gran Turismo drivers will take part in two racing esports competitions: the Manufacturers Cup and the newly revised Nations Cup.

Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Showdown Predict the Winners

Visiting the ‘Bonus Campaign’ area of the main World Map home page will allow you to predict which teams will win the competitions. 1,000,000 credits could be yours for each correct answer. The events kick off on the 11th August 2023, so make sure to submit your guess before then. Prizes will be distributed on 14th August.

Toyota Ambulance Himedic ’21 confirmed

There are also prizes for watching the live streams of the event from within the game. Watching the Manufacturers Cup live, or as a re-run, between 11th and 20th August nets you a six-star engine roulette ticket.

Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Showdown Viewers Gift Campaign

Watching the Nations Cup during the same time period, however, will earn you a Toyota Ambulance Himedic ’21. Just days ago, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi teased four cars, one of which looked to us like a Toyota Hiace van.

It turns out it is, but one modified to be an Ambulance. Polyphony Digital, esoteric.

These prizes will be delivered on 21st August. Interestingly, the Gran Turismo website touts this as early access to the Toyota:

Toyota Ambulance Himedic '21 Gran Turismo 7

“The Toyota Ambulance Himedic ’21 will be coming to Gran Turismo 7 through a future update, but players can receive it early by participating in this campaign.”

So, while the next Gran Turismo 7 game update may hit on 7th August, the Toyota ambulance may not appear within Brand Central until a later date.

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