F1 Manager 2023’s 1.3 update now on all platforms

The first patch hit PC on 27th July as a ‘day one’ update, but now it’s also available for PlayStation and Xbox players.
F1 Manager 2023's 1.3 Update now on all platforms

As of today, 1st August 2023, several fixes and tweaks are now present for those on console enjoying F1 Manager 2023.

Frontier Development’s latest strategy simulation hit general release yesterday, following four days of early access to those with the Deluxe Edition.

Chief of which, specifically on console, is a change to controller input sensitivity which is said to be increased. When using analogue sticks as opposed to a mouse, movement through the user interface can be a little slow at times, so we hope this speeds progress up.

Older drivers’ skills degrade over time in ’23, and the speed at which this happens is also said to have been adjusted with this latest version 1.3 update and conversely, so has the rate of progression for Formula 2 and Formula 3 drivers.

F1 Manager 2023 intro

The correct tyre compounds should now be displayed too on the tyre wear graph during a Race Moment. The full list of changes is below, and we hope for the anticipated 1.4 update it releases across all three platform types together.

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.3 changelog


  • Fixed issue preventing user from sending out reconfigured car in qualifying
  • Fixed softlock after multiple viewings of qualification data screen
  • Fixed rare game crash occurring after a red flag
  • Fixed softlock after race left on pause for significant length of time
  • Fixed rare crash on NVIDIA GPU
  • Fixed rare crash after resuming Race Replay save
  • Fixed softlock scrolling driver standings panel when running reserve driver in P1


  • Rebalanced rating decline rate for elite, older drivers
  • Rebalanced rating decline impact for drivers that DNF
  • Rebalanced progression rate of F2/F3 drivers


  • Fixed inaccurate ‘Grid Average’ data in Car Analysis
  • Improved DHL Fastest Pit Stop Competition end of season flow
  • Updated compound performance report for Qatar


  • Fixed data discrepancies occurring from a mid-session save
  • Fixed weather from changing when loading mid-session save
  • Fixed “x Laps To Go” notification appearing too early
  • Fixed Events in Data View showing as ‘undefined’
  • Improved garage lighting
  • Improved pit exit battle team radio messages
  • Reduced frequency of ‘overheating tyres’ team radio messages
  • Reduced frequency of pit stop error replays (for minor pit stop delays)


  • Fixed some unequal car performance attributes in ‘Equal Performance’ Exclusive Scenarios
  • Fixed tyre compounds showing incorrectly on tyre wear graph in Race Moments
  • Improved clarity of Exclusive Scenario Starting Grid objectives


  • Improved analogue stick sensitivity


  • Fixed long pause before selected team appears on screen in team selection and title screen backgrounds
  • Fixed gender tag displaying on pitcrew screen in German localisation
  • Fixed text truncation on pitcrew screen for all non-English localisation

Source: Frontier Developments

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